Disney Magic #3 Unlimited Fun with ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’- By Kinjal

This blog series would be incomplete if I do not mention this iconic show that made me laugh on more occasions than I can count! In fact, every time I watched this show, I realised how lucky I am to have a twin, who is my biggest support system and partner-in-crime for life. The suite life of Zack and Cody is a fantastic Disney show that revolves around the life of two enterprising twin brothers who never seem to have a single dull day in their life, which is so different from that of any other regular 13 year olds. It’s not just the twins, but every other character in the show is unforgettable and is sure to make a special place in your heart by the end of the series. So without further ado, I’m going to list down 8 compelling reasons that directly puts ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ in the kktwins ‘must-watch list’.

1. The crazy and cute twins- Zack and Cody

The mischievous twinsZack and Cody
Zack and Cody doing what they do best!

If there is an award for the naughtiest, craziest but the cutest twins, it should be given to these two. Zack and Cody are a handful and they ensure that their presence is felt even before they walk into a room. No one can keep up with their pranks and antics and while they fight and argue most of the time, together they are a force to reckon. In each episode, the notorious twins create havoc in Tipton hotel, which is their permanent abode, and entertain every one with their non-stop banter and pranks. They are beyond doubt the stars of the show and they bring all the fun and entertainment with their boisterous presence. Of the two twins, Zack is the naughtier one who is always making mischief and Cody is the more mature and obedient one who is unwittingly pulled into Zack’s shenanigans. Zack is a rebel and Cody is a conformist and when a straight ‘A’ student and a downright ‘D’ student happen to be twin brothers who live under the same roof, there is bound to be a lot of drama and hilarity.  

2. Living the ‘suite’ life

Zack and Cody living the ‘suite’ life at Tipton
Zack and Cody’s luxurious hotel room at Tipton

I always thought that living in a home of your own feels great but after watching this show, I think living in a hotel is unconventional but so much more exciting. Zack and Cody get to live the ultimate ‘suite’ life at the Tipton Hotel, which is a one of the finest hotels in Boston because their mother is an employee at Tipton and works as a lounge singer for the hotel. Throughout the show, you get to experience how it would feel to live in a hotel and enjoy every privilege that comes with it. Life in a hotel seems pretty amazing especially when you never have to cook because delicious food is just a phone call away, room service is available at your beck and call, you get to sleep in soft and fluffy beds, meet new and interesting people every day and always return to a clean and tidy room at the end of the day. This show made me realise that the best way to live a ‘sweet’ life is in a ‘suite’.      

3. Lots and lots of laughter

Every episode is filled with funny moments!

When a group of people with different personalities start living under the same roof there is bound to be madness, chaos and lots of laughter. While the hotel is home to the notorious twins Zack and Cody, there are also hotel staff and employees living at Tipton, who are equally hilarious. We have London Tipton, the super-rich and spoilt heiress who is the daughter of Wilfred Tipton, owner of the glitzy Tipton hotel, with an IQ which is diametrically opposite to her bank balance. At times, due to her slow-wittedness she often finds herself in a foot in mouth situation and is at constant loggerheads with Maddie Fitzpatrick, a teenager who runs the candy store at Tipton Hotel. Their fights and witty banter is a source of constant entertainment. We are also privy to the antics of Mr. Moseby, Tipton Hotel’s stern, strait-laced and bossy Manager who is a complete stick in the mud and watching him trying to deal with Zack and Cody’s mischief is a laugh riot. We also have Estaban, the friendly, Spanish-speaking assistant night manager of the hotel who, at times, is over dramatic and childish and Arwin, the in-house hotel Engineer who is a bit eccentric, very clumsy and a total goofball who add to the hilarity that is an inherent part of this series.  

4. Carey- the coolest mom in town

No one can handle the twins better than Carey!

It is quite challenging to be a single mom, looking after your kids and simultaneously working, but if your kids happen to be naughty pranksters like Zack and Cody, then the role becomes even more challenging. Carey has to constantly deal with not one but two kids who are always making trouble but despite their mischief-making, Carey never raises her voice and does an admirable job of raising the twins all by herself. She tries to spend time with her boys and balance her singing commitments and at times when Zack and Cody need to be reprimanded, instead of shouting she handles them with patience and maturity. Due to her bright and friendly personality she is loved by everyone at the hotel and her creative parenting skills makes her the coolest mom in town.      

5. Mr. Moseby the ‘Meanager’

Mr. Moseby the ‘meanager’ in his element

The uptight and priggish manager of the Tipton Hotel- Mr. Moseby is a character that I will never forget. He is often called the ‘Meanager’ because of his strict demeanour and no-nonsense approach towards everything. He is always annoyed by Zack and Cody’s mischief and relentlessly tries to stop them from creating more trouble in the hotel, albeit unsuccessfully. However, despite his stern behaviour he does care for the boys and every employee that works at the hotel. Mr. Moseby loves showing off his expansive vocabulary which others are seldom able to understand and many times he ends up becoming a laughing stock by saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Mr. Moseby, despite his mean ways, will make you laugh and watching his various contrasting personalities coming to the fore in every episode is sure to entertain you throughout the series.     

6. The sweet romance

Arwin with Carey’s life size cut-out in his room
Zack, unable to hide his feelings, hugs Maddie when she returns to the hotel after her trip to Alaska

I believe that no show is complete if it doesn’t have a bit of romance in it and this series doesn’t disappoint you in this area as well. It is no secret that Arwin likes Carey and despite his best efforts he is unable to hide it. Zack and Cody soon find out about his feelings and they try to help him and confess his feelings to her which only results in more hilarious situations. His normally clumsy behaviour reaches outrageously high proportions of clumsiness when he is around Carey and he ends up looking like a bumbling fool in front of her and faints every time Carey gives him a hug or a kiss. Also Zack has a huge crush on Maddie and although she is way older than him and has always seen him as a kid, Zack keeps trying to impress her which is equal parts funny and adorable.

7. The frenemies- London and Maddie

London and Maddie are always trying to outsmart each other at every given opportunity

London and Maddie share a unique love-hate relationship. While they always keep bickering when they are together, they also can’t do without each other and can be best described as frenemies.  They are polar opposites and while London is super rich and always wears designer clothes, Maddie comes from a lower-middle class family and does several odd jobs at the Tipton hotel to make ends meet. Also London is quite naïve and obtuse and Maddie is intelligent and hardworking and as a result they are often at loggerheads due to their contrasting personalities. Watching them fight is hilarious and their non-stop jests and quips are sure to make you laugh.

8. A unique family

Despite their differences, everyone at Tipton is one big happy family

At Tipton every employee is different and not everyone gets along with the other, but despite their differences they are always ready to help each other. The ‘meanager’ Mr. Moseby, on several occasions, is super sweet to the boys Zack and Cody and he has been more of a father figure to London than her own father. He is fair minded as a manager and ensures that everyone is treated well. Carey helps out Maddie whenever she is in trouble and Maddie also babysits Zack and Cody when Carey has to perform. Arwin, Esteban and Muriel (the old and friendly maid) are always available to help others and London, despite her airs is equally helpful. While comedy is at the heart of this series, there are several scenes that demonstrate that Tipton is one big family and that sometimes one isn’t born into a family, one acquires it.    

This post marks the end of the Disney Magic series and ‘The Suite life of Zack and Cody’ is the perfect show to complete this series because it has the perfect mix of comedy, romance, entertainment and emotions. It is a family drama that makes you smile and appreciate your own family all the more and for me this show has been a poignant reminder of how lucky I am to have my own family that makes my life ‘sweet’ and beautiful!

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