Disney Magic #2 Laughing out loud with That’s So Raven- By Kaajal

I have lost count of the times when I have wished that I had supernatural powers that allowed me to see the future. Since I was a kid, I have always been supremely curious and extremely impatient. My head is often in the clouds while I ponder about what will happen in my future. Will I win the competition? Will I get good grades? Will I be selected for the lead role in dramatics? Will I get into my dream college?

You can only imagine my delight when Disney Channel came up with a show called ‘That’s So Raven’, where the eponymous lead, Raven Baxter, a teenager who lives in San Francisco, has supernatural powers and psychic abilities that allow her to see a glimpse of the future.

What ensues is utter hilarity and chaos when Raven tries to evade the future if it’s something unpleasant or tries to make it true if it happens to be something wonderful. Every episode is packed with so much drama, chaos and comicality that the episodes always leave me in splits. There is one too many times when I can’t help but laugh out loud due to the sheer hilarity that every misadventure brings. (And there are way too many!)

With so many reasons that make this show a super hit, I’m not surprised that it was the highest-rated show on Disney Channel and was the first series to have 100 episodes. The series has also inspired two spinoffs due to its popularity. Here’s why the kktwins love this series and why you should be binge watching this show.

1. The adorable lead Raven

The number one reason you should be watching this series is for Raven because she leaves you laughing louder than ever when you see her trying to make sense of the future she just glimpsed. The look that she has on her face, when she gets a vision is hilarious in itself, and what follows is even funnier. Her attitude, her verve and the bang on comic timing are great reasons to watch this show. Her rapport with every character and her facial expressions when she’s in a fix (which is often) is priceless and will definitely leave you in splits. Raven is her shining best when she essays the titular character and every episode is a delightful treat.

2. The trio of friendship

That’s So Raven is incomplete without Raven’s best friends- Eddie (Edward) and Chelsea. The trio are always together in every shenanigan and together they pack a punch that leaves everyone laughing uproariously. Eddie is ruthlessly frank and gives sage advice that is summarily ignored by Raven and Chelsea and is always  dragged into every misadventure. There is a romantic angle between Raven and Eddie that is left unexplored and I wish they had followed it up with something concrete but unfortunately their feelings, which seemed mutual, are never brought out in the open and neither of them confront each other about their feelings. Chelsea is happy-go-lucky but a bit dim witted who is always a part of Raven’s disastrous schemes. She is the most loyal friend and supports Raven unquestioningly.  Together, the three of them are almost always mired in deep trouble while trying to make sense of raven’s visions and trying to right the wrongs that leads to even more of a quagmire. The friendship that they share and the easy camaraderie between them is what makes this show even more appealing.

3. Incorrigible Cory

Every heroine has an annoying sibling and this trope is used here too, but trust me this old trope dos not lose its charm. Cory is the cheeky, over smart brother who incessantly argues and fights with Raven and loves playing pranks on her. Cory loves nothing more than money and often comes up with schemes to make money that almost always backfire and gets him in trouble with his parents. To make things funnier, he also has a pet rat called Lionel who he is extremely fond of. In a bizarre turn of events, Cory develops a huge crush on Chelsea which leads to a lot of hilarious situations. Cory’s antics often get him in trouble and he often increases Raven’s problems but beneath the banter, the Baxter siblings love each other and even though they don’t show it often, it’s pretty obvious that they care for each other and look out for one another when faced with trouble.

4.‘Glimpse into the future’ trope

The USP of this series is definitely the visions of the future that Raven can see. It’s almost like Raven gets a seizure, with her eyes becoming bigger and rounder as she sees the future events unfurl in her mind’s eye. The look on her face is so funny that you can’t help but laugh and the catch is that she always sees an incomplete future. Which means it’s just a brief glimpse of a future event which is often out of context and difficult to make sense of. What ensues post these visions is pandemonium as Raven goes about making the vision a reality or tries to stop it from coming true. Every episode revolves around her psychic ability and the mess and confusion it creates in Raven and her friends lives. Though I was convinced that being able to see the future is a pretty cool super power, but after seeing the chaos it creates in Raven’s life, I think it’s better to not know what the future holds!

5. Hilarious Misadventures

Every episode is an account of the hilarious outcome of Raven’s psychic ability. Raven sees a glimpse of the future and then what unfolds is often a bumpy ride leading to comical situations where Raven is often confronted with uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. It can range from an event in high school, to a party or even a shopping spree. Through the episode, Raven and her friends try to deal with hilarious confusion and disastrous situations, trying to right the wrong and in the process what we have is a thorough laugh and great entertainment.

6. Comical disguises

Many times, while trying to deal with the misadventures, Raven has to hide from her parents or go unnoticed to right the wrongs which involve trespassing too. To go undetected, Raven and her friends often don disguises some of which are outrageously funny. There is an episode where Raven is disguised as an old woman, as a man and even a tailor. To see them in their multiple getups, dealing with even funnier situations is a laugh riot.

7. The spitting bomb- Mr. Lawler

Mr. Lawler, Raven’s English teacher and the college principal, is famous in the entire college for his stupendous spitting. Nobody wants to attend his lectures while sitting in the front row and if, God forbid, you happen to sit in ‘the chair’ that is the centre most chair in the front row, right opposite him, you will find yourself covered in spittle from head to toe in just 5 seconds. That is why Kinjal and I have nicknamed him as the spitting bomb! Every episode featuring Mr. Lawler is a laugh riot and he takes the crazy level of this series a notch higher. Mr. Lawler is definitely one of the reasons why you must watch this series. In fact his character became so famous that even the Shahrukh Khan starrer ‘Main Hoon Na’ had a character Professor Rasai who is the ‘spitting’ image of Mr. Lawler (pun intended!) and his spitting abilities.   

8. Live in the present

One thing which is apparent after watching this series is that it’s better to live in the present and not know the future. Knowing the future always creates problems that would never arise in the first place if the future was unknown. If the problems must be faced, then knowing about them beforehand only increases the agony, but they cannot be avoided. Without being the least bit preachy, That’s So Raven teaches us to live in the moment, not wonder or worry about the future and take care of the present so that the future is automatically taken care of.

So if you just want to relax, let you hair down and laugh (a lot!), then watch the episodes of That’s So Raven and I promise that you’ll forget all your problems while you watch Raven and her friends dealing with the outrageously hilarious problems in their life! Watch this show and let the Disney magic rub off on you!  

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