Disney Magic #1 In love with Lizzie McGuire- by Kinjal

I still remember that exhilarating moment when Kaajal and I would finish all our school homework for the day and make a beeline for our Television set. After a brief scuffle over who would handle the remote control (we could never quite resolve this issue and ultimately kept turns for it!) we would tune in to Disney Channel. Every evening was super special because that was when Disney channel would show our absolute favourite show – Lizzie McGuire.

This is the logo of my favourite TV channel and watching this logo on my TV screen always makes me very happy!

I’m pretty sure that almost every other 11 year old girl at that time was practically in love with this show. In fact even now at 26 if someone told me that a brand new series of Lizzie McGuire is coming back on TV, I would jump with joy. To be honest, you need to watch the show to realise just how amazing it is.

If you have not had the privilege of watching this show and are wondering what’s so great about it, then I’m going to give you not one but ten reasons why you should get your hands on the Lizzie McGuire show and watch all of its episodes as soon as possible!

1. A sweet and relatable storyline

Lizzie McGuire, as the name suggests, is a show based on the life of an average 13 year old girl named Elizabeth who is fondly called ‘Lizzie’ by her family and friends. The show has a simple story-line about a girl, who like any other middle school girl, wants to have a good time with friends, get good grades and enjoy her school life. However, her life doesn’t always go as planned and much to Lizzie’s chagrin she has to deal with chaos and trouble in the form of her annoying little brother Matt McGuire.

On top of that, Lizzie’s parents’ are equally concerned about their independence seeking teenage daughter who wants to live life on her own terms. Lizzie’s squabbling with her parents is an exact replica of what every parent faces when dealing with their teenage kids. Each episode is a delicious sneak peek into Lizzie’s not-so-perfect life which always leads to hilarity and non-stop entertainment.   

2. The lovable Lizzie McGuire

The best part of the show is the protagonist Lizzie. Hilary Duff is the perfect embodiment of a spunky, bright and vivacious 13 year old who just wants to have fun with friends and ensure that her middle school years are peaceful and uneventful. Unfortunately, every day brings new adventures for Lizzie and there isn’t a single day that is normal or boring. It’s a lot of fun watching Lizzie standing up to the mean and snarky bully Kate Sanders, struggling to get good grades and trying to catch the attention of the school heartthrob Ethan Craft. While watching the show you cannot help but fall in love with the sweet and sassy Lizzie and before you know it, you’ll be totally swept up in her life adventures and will find yourself cheering for her.  

3. Friendship at its best

Lizzie has the most wonderful friends in the form of fun-loving and fiercely loyal Miranda Sanchez and the geeky but kind David Gordon who is affectionately called ‘Gordo’. Lizzie and Miranda are inseparable and they always have a gala time together whether it’s shopping at the mall, doing class assignments or just chilling in Lizzie’s room but the trio is incomplete without the super intelligent and nerdy Gordo. His witty remarks and sense of humour is a constant source of laughter and the best thing about their friendship is that they are always there for each other.

The three amigos – Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo

In fact I realized that phones have an amazing feature called ‘conference call’ when I saw Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda talking to each other on the phone and my 11 year old self was thrilled to discover this cool feature. I couldn’t wait to borrow my mom’s phone and do a conference call with all my best friends and talk to all of them at the same time. Their easy camaraderie and friendly banter made me realise how special it feels to have great friends. Just like Lizzie, I too have a bunch of school friends that I hang out with even today and I cherish every moment spent with them. After watching this show, I’m sure you’ll start appreciating your friends all the more!

4. Fun school life

This is the hallway of Hillridge Junior high featuring the famous purple lockers!

I have to admit, my school life wasn’t half as fun as Lizzie’s and Hillridge Junior High seems like the coolest school in town. Sure, Lizzie and her friends got homework and assignments to do, but somehow it always seemed much more fun on TV than in real life. The school has an enormous cafeteria, nice purple coloured lockers, state-of-the-art gym room, a nice basketball court and neat and tidy classrooms, but the best part is, Lizzie and her friends went on school trips and they even celebrated Halloween and spring dance and played scavenger hunt as a part of their assignment. Her middle school years seemed like a lot of fun and on one too many occasions I wished I could enrol as a student at Hillridge Junior High.

5. Drool worthy Ethan Craft

The school Hottie- Ethan Craft
Unfortunately Ethan isn’t as bright as he looks!

A TV Series isn’t all that fun to watch if there isn’t even a single eye candy in it but luckily this show has one in the form of the gorgeous hunk Ethan Craft. It’s quite understandable why Lizzie, Miranda, Kate and every other girl in class has a HUGE crush on him. He has sandy brown hair, hazel eyes and dazzling dimples that has all the girls sighing and vying for his attention. Although Ethan is not very smart, he makes up for his slow-wittedness with his innate charm and innocence. Every episode with Ethan in it is a total delight to watch and by the end of the series you too will be totally smitten by the super cute Ethan Craft (that’s only if you’re a girl, of course: P)

6. Sibling rivalry

The ever-squabbling pair- Matt and Lizzie

One of the most fun things about this show is to watch Matt and Lizzie fight. Watching their verbal spat (which is accompanied with a lot of eye rolling and sometimes even kicks and shoves) is not only downright hilarious but also makes me thank my lucky stars that I do not have a younger brother like Matt. More often than not, Matt is the one who pulls pranks on Lizzie and creates trouble for her and Lizzie being the older sibling is forced to put up with his antics. She even nicknamed him as ‘weasel’ and I totally approve of this pet name for the pesky Matt who puts the ‘a’ in annoying.

There isn’t a single episode where Lizzie and Matt don’t fight and if they are ever put together in a room, there is bound to be World War III but if one of them is having a tough time the other one is quick to come to the rescue. They are just like Tom and Jerry, can’t live with each other but also can’t live without each other. Their sibling rivalry is sure to make you laugh out loud but it is also an apt reflection of a brother and sister relationship where one is always looking out for the other.

7. Fun loving parents

The sweet and funny McGuires

I think Jo and Sam McGuire are the coolest parents one could ask for. Not only do they do a super good job of handling their adolescent daughter and bratty younger son, they are also the most understanding and fair minded parents who do an admirable job of raising their son and daughter with good values. Whenever Lizzie faces any problems, as teenagers often do, Jo is always there to give her sound advice and guide her. Sam is a bit clumsy but he has a great sense of humour and for him family always comes first. While they do have arguments and at times they have also grounded Lizzie and Matt, they always have their best interests in mind. Most of all, they are hands- on parents and they not only organize great parties for Lizzie and Matt’s friends, but also provide a warm and loving home for both their kids.

8. The animated Lizzie

That’s Lizzie with her super hilarious animated avatar, who voices all her inner thoughts and personal opinions

Probably the best thing that this sow has to offer is the animated Lizzie. I think the show wouldn’t be half as fun if we weren’t privy to Lizzie’s inner most thoughts and feelings which are revealed to us in the form of Lizzie’s animated avatar. As humans we all tend to be filtered versions of ourselves in front of the world and we don’t always share our real thoughts and feelings with everyone, but the animated Lizzie tells you every single thought that goes on in her head and her accurate observation and sarcastic comments about people and situations is bound to make you laugh.

I think this is a very creative way of giving the audience an honest and downright hilarious commentary of everything that’s happening in Lizzie’s life from Lizzie’s point of view.

9. Something to learn in each episode

In every episode it’s not just Lizzie but also the viewers that get to learn something valuable

This show has 65 episodes but they are not just a mindless series of episodes made with the sole objective of entertaining the viewers, they are much more than that. While every episode is entertaining, they have been carefully designed to address issues that teenagers often face. Every episode leaves you with something to learn, without being preachy, whether it’s appreciating your parents, loving your siblings, cherishing your friends, dealing with academic pressure, standing up to bullies or realizing that beauty isn’t superficial, what really matters is your inner beauty. Each episode conveys a meaningful message in a fun and humourous way and that is what makes this series so special and a must watch.

10. Lots of Laughter

Who doesn’t love a good laugh, and with this series, there is loads of laughter in store for you. Matt and his antics accompanied by his best friend Lanny (who doesn’t speak a single word throughout the show although Matt is always able to understand him) are a laugh riot. The animated Lizzie with her witty banter and candid confessions is pure delight and the comic factor is raised a notch higher due to Ethan Craft’s naivety and silliness and Larry Tudgeman’s bizzare and laughable behavior, who is also Lizzie’s classmate and a complete outcast at school.

Lizzie’s parents share great chemistry and are equally cute and funny as they try to deal with parenting and being friends with their kids. Each episode has dozens of funny scenes in it and by the end of the episode you are bound to feel happier than when you started.

On the whole I’d say that Lizzie McGuire is one of the most feel good shows that you can watch and it’s my go-to-fix whenever I’m feeling low. All I need is one episode and then I’m back to being happy again. So if you’re keen to experience the Disney magic all you have to do watch this show and enjoy the ride with the McGuires!

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