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Do you believe in miracles? For a long time I didn’t, but one ordinary day, I came across an anonymous quote on social media which made me realise that no day in our life is ordinary. In fact miracles are so commonplace that we actually happen to live in one and don’t even realise it! Did you just chuckle in disbelief dear reader?  Well, I totally understand if you did, because I would have reacted the exact same way if I hadn’t stumbled across this particular quote which first shocked me into silence and then made me laugh in delighted wonderment. 

“We live on a Blue Planet that circles around a Ball of Fire next to a Moon that moves the Sea, and you don’t believe in Miracles?”

Fascinating isn’t it! Our blue planet is magnificent and magical but more often than not we get so caught up in the everyday mundane activities that we are unable to see the miracles that has always surrounded us right from the time we are born. What makes our planet unique is that it is the only ‘known’ habitable planet in our solar system, which occupies a small space on the outer side of our gigantic spiral galaxy called the Milky Way- which happens to be one of the one hundred billion galaxies that exists in the universe (mind-blowingly awesome isn’t it!). But what makes our planet truly beautiful is Nature- which has not only existed for centuries but continues to thrive and survive with aplomb and pleasure.

This particular quality of nature is what appeals to me the most. Whenever I feel grumpy or sad, I look out of my window and notice the beauty of nature that has always been around for everyone to see and admire. I believe that nature is the true and ultimate source of inspiration because each and every little thing stands for something special. I derive a special meaning from everything that I see in nature and through this blog post I want to share with all my lovely readers how I derive inspiration from Nature! 🙂 


They twinkle, they shine, they glow bright, but what makes them special is that they do it all on their own! (All thanks to the nuclear reaction of protons that lies inside their very core and produces sparkling light).

Stars inspire me to be happy, passionate and continue glowing from within. Stars remind me that happiness is an inside job. I believe that the spark and fire to glow and be happy is within all of us. All we need to do is realise this and do what we are meant to do and what we do best- Sparkle and Shine!

2. Ocean

The ocean, for me, is a magnificent blue body of contrasting personalities that magically supports life above and below. They are vast and full of depth, but they are also turbulent with its humongous waves and calmness at its very core.

The ocean is an inspiration to be successful and lovable. The ocean tells me to be calm and gentle on the inside (like the heart of the ocean) and smooth and ever moving like the waves on which surfers ride and delight. To be open minded and accepting like an ocean that connects people of different continents and races. To be a depthless ocean of love for my friends and family and also be as comforting as the gentle waves lapping on shore. The blue oceans teach me to be calm on the inside like smooth aquatic currents and passionate on the outside like choppy  purposeful waves.

3. Wind

Winds have a mind of their own- fierce, independent, sometimes blowing hot and sometimes blowing cold. They roam freely over mountains, valleys and plains; they love freedom but can create havoc when they are caged in by force and against their will.

What I learn from the wind is that change is inevitable, but to succeed in life one must be receptive and accepting of change rather than resist it. If you resist change, you become a storm, a hurricane that has the potential to destroy everything in its wake. When you accept change, you become a beautiful breeze that blows gently over landscapes.

4. Mountains

Tall and mighty, these huge imposing giants are like silent monks sitting with their snowy heads held high- a halo of clouds and mist their crowning glory. They loom large over valleys filled with flowers and sometimes they are like a statue on barren ground, with nothing and no one around. They see things and hear voices for centuries galore, but speak of nothing and to no one.

The mountains inspire me to be confident and humble, dream big but also stay grounded, with my head in the clouds but my feet planted firmly on the ground. To be silent and observant because sometimes all you need is a comfortable void, a pregnant pause, that is filled with a lot of meaning and can be understood only in silence. 

5. Trees

They give shelter, they give shade. Their leaves sing, dance and rustle in the breeze like pleased puppies. Always standing with their arms outstretched, ready to love and protect whoever chances upon their shade – birds, insects, animals or humans. They give away their fruits, shed their leaves and drop flowers in the breeze, but in return ask for nothing.

The trees inspire me to be selfless- to give and give and give with no expectations in return. For me, trees symbolise selfless love.

6. Sun

It’s a bright star, it’s a white star, it lies at the centre of our solar system and is the reason why we all exist (the gravitational pull of the sun holds everything in our solar system in place, provides the right amount of warmth for life to survive on Earth and also influences the change of seasons and climatic conditions). For our planet, the sun is the most crucial star because without the sun, our solar system would never exist. There are countless other stars in the sky that have the potential to sustain lives in other solar systems, just like our sun. A possibility of million worlds, but worlds apart from ours.

The Sun inspires me to be the sunshine in my own life, to have a powerful magnetic force that holds everything I love together and at the same time help others to fulfill their dreams and wishes. The sun is powerful because she only knows one thing- the passion to burn bright for a long long time and even if she is not the biggest star in the universe (The sun is a yellow dwarf star and there are many other stars in the galaxy that are bigger than the sun), she doesn’t stop burning with passion, because she knows her worth.

7. Moon

The moon is like a cool, white and shiny pebble that reflects the light of the sun with beauty and grace. It waxes and wanes, gaining and losing its very existence within a span of 16 days (from new moon to full moon).  The moon, though riddled with crater like imperfections believes herself to be unique and it’s this self- love that has every poet and writer comparing her to beauty incarnate.

The moon inspires me to look at everything with a positive perspective, to love myself and my life and always hope and be optimistic, because a sky might seem dark on a new moon day but with time, a full moon is bound to appear.

8. Desert

A strikingly beautiful place filled with sun and sand, a place of extremes with temperatures soaring at day and dropping at night. Survival of the fittest is the thumb rule in this arid kingdom. A place of shifting mirages, the golden sand lures you to dig your hands deep and hold the fine, powdery soft sand, but the tighter you hold, the faster it escapes from your hand leaving you with nothing to hold on to.

The desert which is home to a plethora of plants and animals (scorpion, camel, spider, snake, lizard and cactus to name a few) inspires me to be invincible and develop the ability to adapt even in the harshest of climates. The duality of the desert, with total dryness on top but a deep reservoir of water at the bottom, inspires me to always look at the bright side of things because like the desert even life is filled with duality. It’s our choice what we want to look at- the mirage or the oasis.

This blog post is my way of acknowledging my love for Nature and everything that it stands for. I believe I share a special connection with nature and with every passing year, my love and fascination for it has only increased.  Looking to nature and admiring it during my leisure time gradually turned into a source of inspiration and ultimately blossomed into love. Today, I find beauty even in the very things that seemed scary or ugly to me (read insects and wild animals :P). So Nature and Nature lovers, this one’s for you!

I would like to acknowledge and give a million thanks to the super awesome websites- NASA Space Place, NASA Science and Planets for Kids. They have beautifully explained and simplified all the scientific facts related to earth and space and the information provided on these websites helped me immensely while writing this blog post.

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