Warmed by Winter- by Kinjal

As strange as this sounds, it is absolutely true- Winter truly warms my heart because I simply love the winter season. Out of all the seasons, I will always, always pick Winter as my absolute favourite one. Every time a cold breeze caresses my cheek, ruffles my hair or playfully toys with the hem of my clothes, I cannot help but smile as I draw my jacket closer and huddle into its warmth. When December arrives, I am most happy to welcome the winters and bid adieu to the oppressing heat that claims Mumbai every time in the months of October and November. As a child, it was my fondest wish and deepest desire to experience a snow filled winter and live in a cold place with a house that overlooked white snow-capped mountains. I would make elaborate plans about building a snow man and even the thought of riding on a sledge and having snow ball fights with my sister would make me giddy with delight. Alas! This dream never came true because I was born in Mumbai and the chances of having a snowy winter here is as impossible as witnessing pigs flying.

As much as I love Mumbai, the only thing that bothers me is that it’s never really cold in Mumbai where people are compelled to warm their hands before a bonfire, don sweaters and scarves or sleep with thick blankets without fans or air conditioning during the winters. Moreover winter truly isn’t winter if it doesn’t snow. At least that’s what the 5 year old me believed. But over the years with every passing winter, temperatures keep dropping and this year Mumbai experienced a slightly colder winter than usual and saw people wear their jackets and hoodies if not thick woolly sweaters and monkey caps. I, for a fact, was delighted to experience a colder winter this season and I have decided to list down all the reasons why I have always loved and cherished the winters.

1. Tis the season of soft blankets and thick jackets

That’s an old picture of me in Ladakh posing in my favourite jacket with my hands nestled deep inside my warm jacket pocket.
That’s my favourite grey winter special blanket and the purple one belongs to Kaajal.

As soon as winter sets in, I switch my normal blanket for my winter special blanket which is soft, furry, grey (my favourite colour) and extremely warm and comfortable to snuggle in. One of my favourite winter morning rituals is to laze around in bed with my furry blanket drawn up to my chin and simply enjoy the sensation of being cocooned in its incredible warmth and softness. Winter also means the opportunity to wear jackets with hoodies and front pockets and I particularly enjoy walking in the cold winter evenings with my hands buried deep inside the front pockets. I love wearing jackets and winter is the perfect time to experiment and enhance your wardrobe collection with different jackets styles like the aviator jacket, bomber jacket, the woollen overcoat, faux-fur overcoat, parka, puffer jacket, teddy jacket or the trench coat. Unfortunately Mumbai winters aren’t all that severe so it isn’t practical to buy some of these fancy jackets but if you plan to visit a cold place during the winters then these stylish and comfortable jackets are perfect.

2. Magical Mesmerising Sunsets

I took this picture in December from my building terrace to capture the winter sunset but honestly, the picture doesn’t do justice to it’s actual beauty.

I have noticed that there is something magical about a winter sunset and it is totally different from sunsets in another season. Apart from the fact that sunsets happen earlier during the winters, I find the winter sun more alluring as it turns into a deep crimson orb right before its sets and the entire sky is awash in a spectacular shade of yellow, pink and orange and sometimes it’s lavender, bright blue and forest green and if you’re lucky then you can witness all the seven shades of the rainbow tinge the evening sky as the sun finally bids us goodbye. This beautiful spectacle can only be witnessed on a winter evening which makes me love winters all the more.   

3. The perfect season for cuddling with loved ones

This picture was also taken during our trip to Leh and Ladakh and since it was too cold we decided to hug and pose for the picture!

Ideally you shouldn’t need a reason to hug your loved ones but in case you do, you’ve got one during the winters. Every time I feel cold and burrowing in my jacket doesn’t do the trick, then my next resort is to catch my sister’s hand and huddle close or receive a warm bear hug from mom and dad. Cuddling with my loved ones makes me feel warm, safe and happy and this is another reason that makes winters all the more special. So the next time you’re feeling cold cuddle with your loved ones! 

4. Appreciate hot food all the more

Nothing beats the feeling of having a hot plate of pav bhaji or maggi noodles or a warm slice of pizza on a cold and chilly night. Every bite of hot yummy food feels like pure bliss during winters and this feeling can never be experienced in any other season but winter. The same holds true for piping hot tea or coffee. Before I sip my tea, coffee or hot chocolate (depending on my mood) I always make it a point to hold my mug and let the warmth seep into my palms. Even slurping on hot soup feels all the more amazing thanks to the winters.   

5. Winter shenanigans

A winter shenanigan that I do every time I visit a cold place during the winters is blow out my breath and watch it turn to mist in the cold winter air. No matter how many times I do this I am always thrilled by it. Another winter shenanigan I do is blow warm breath on my palms, rub my hands and place my warm palms on my cheeks. This action always makes me smile and sigh in contentment.

All these reasons have made me fall in love with winter and it never ceases to make me happy. Now as we have entered February, the winter season is soon coming to an end, but for next year I truly wish that I can experience a white Christmas and a snow filled winter so that I can finally make my dream come true- build snowmen, have snow ball fights, watch snowflakes melt in my hair, don fancy jackets and click loads of pictures in a winter wonderland.   

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