Throwback To My First Music Concert- by Kaajal

I always thought that singers sound good when they record songs in the studio because of the sound effects and editing which makes their voice sound pitch perfect. Somehow when I heard singers singing live, the magic was always lost, something just didn’t feel right and I was often left disappointed with live singing. Needless to say, I was not a fan of musical concerts because of the eternal disappointment of singers not matching up to the grandeur of their recorded voices. Also standing for hours in a crowded open ground was not my idea of fun at all but in December 2017 one of my favourite singers was performing in Mumbai at the Brabourne stadium. He has won the Grammy and the Golden Globe awards among several other awards accorded to him for creating mesmeric music and he has also received a Padma shri award.

A man who has received such accolades would definitely recreate the magic even when he sings live so I decided to go along with my friends to attend my very first music concert sung live by none other than A. R. Rehman! The best part was that the concert was in Brabourne stadium, with open spaces and chairs to sit on which meant no jostling and straining and standing on tip toes to see above the heads of several people in a crowded open ground. In December, the weather was at its best and with an early sunset the dark sky was the perfect backdrop to a dazzling and bright stage.

The stadium was packed to the rafters and every pavilion was bustling with vibrant energy and a hum of anticipation. Everyone was waiting for the maestro to be come up on stage. True to his aura and the reputation that precedes A.R. Rehman, I was astounded by the powerful impact of his unique voice which is simply enthralling and bewitching. What followed was one of the most wonderful  experiences of my life.

A R Rehman singing ‘Dil Se’
One of Rehman’s most famous song- ‘Jai Ho’ from the movie Slumdog Millionaire

I sung along to some of A.R. Rehman’s all- time hit songs like saathiya, dil se, tere bina from Guru, humma humma, urvashi urvashi, enna sona, chale chalo from Lagaan, swades and finally the melodious  night ended with the famous and power packed performance on Jai Ho from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

A, R, Rehman singing the title song of the movie -‘Swades’
The energetic song ‘Humma Humma’ had everyone in the audience singing along with Rehman.

The concert had several other artistes like Mohit Chauhan and Javed Ali and other talented singers from Rehman’s music school who performed to some famous numbers.

Mohit Chauhan crooning to his popular song from Delhi 6- ‘Masakali’
Javed Ali singing the romantic song “Jashn E Bahara’ from the movie Jodha Akbar

We couldn’t have enough of Rehman’s remarkable voice and didn’t even realise that were at the stadium for hours enraptured by the most beautiful songs sung by him. My personal favourite was the title track of saathiya and Enna Sona from the movie Ok jaanu.

My favourite song- “Enna Sona’ from the movie ‘Ok Jaanu’
Another favourite evergreen song- ‘Saathiya’

There was a magical moment in the stadium when every member in the audience swayed to the song- ‘agar tum saath ho’ from the movie Tamasha. With incandescent torch lights projected from every mobile phone, the stadium glowed and the sight was truly ethereal! It looked like glowing stars had descended right down to sway and twinkle to the mellifluous voice that crooned the indescribably beautiful song. That moment remains forever etched in my mind and glows as brightly as the torch lights that illumined the entire stadium. That was hands-down the highlight of my entire experience at the music concert.

The moment was truly magical during the song- ‘Agar tum saath ho’ from the movie Tamasha.

In that moment it seemed like every soul was connected to each other and music had weaved an invisible but powerful bond between every member of the audience as we all breathed and felt like one entity. Every single person seemed immersed and mesmerized by that beautiful, surreal moment. It remains as one of my fondest and most cherished memories that I took back from the concert.

Urvashi Urvashi take it easy Urvashi!
‘Chale Chalo’ from the movie Lagaan

I left the stadium with a heart brimming with joy and ecstatic with the melodious display of such rare musical talent. The beautiful experience of my very first concert has indubitably raised my expectations and I can’t wait to attend another concert and make new memories that I will cherish. Personally, I want to attend Arijit Singh’s concert and when I get the opportunity to do so, I will definitely share my experience with you guys! One of the greatest reasons to attend a concert again is because when I finally did attend one, I truly experienced the beauty of music and felt its power to connect people, connect souls and connect heart beats which throbbed to the same melody!

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