This New Year Let’s Disconnect To Connect- by Kaajal

When was the last time you didn’t log onto any social media for 24 hours? Think hard, I’m sure there must be one such day. Most probably not, and it’s not even your fault. Social media is such an inherent part of our daily life that it’s hard to imagine a day without logging onto Facebook or scrolling down Instagram posts. In fact most of us shake ourselves out of sleep and with blurry eyes begin our day with Instagram posts! Slowly but surely social media is encroaching on every spare second of our life and that can be scary. It doesn’t take long to become social media addicts where you can’t go a single day without it.

The funny thing is that social media has made it difficult to live in the moment and to truly enjoy it. Every new dish, dessert or new place is first snapped and then uploaded not without ruminating endlessly on the correct hashtags and filters to be used, but in the mad dash to garner likes the ‘moment’ is sadly lost.

My friends and cousins take multiple selfies at weddings and spend an inordinate amount of time to come up with the right caption and in doing so they may end up with a perfect post but with no real memories, because every time they are called upon to join the fun, they are glued to the incandescent screens of their I phones.

Well I might sound like a social media shunner but I too am not immune to the seductions of social media. I am as guilty as everyone else. It was only very recently when I was busy scrolling down Instagram posts that my mom’s annoyed comment about me always being busy with my phone snapped me out of my social media haze. I too am guilty of time and again succumbing to the siren call of social media. We all know by now that social media can create an inferiority complex when we see others having a more happening and exciting social life and leave us feeling down and disappointed with a compelling need to show off and boldly declare that, “Hey! Look here, I have a great life too and you gotta like it too!”

Since we all have gone through the annoyance and dissatisfaction as a result of seeing too much of someone else’s #LitLife and #LivingMyBestLife, I will now stop pointing out the vices of social media. By no means do I suggest being completely off social media because other than its vices, it clearly has its advantages too like being connected to friends who have moved away and following fashion and makeup trends and connecting with like- minded people, sometimes even earning money and promoting talent and great content.

It is a fact that Instagram is one of the most positive social media platforms out there. But rather than totally shun social media, what we can do as individuals is regulate and be mindful of the time we spend on social media. Since this is again that time, when we normally ponder over the year gone by, which is embracing an end and wonder how to improve ourselves and what new resolutions to make, I have finally found my New Year resolution and it can be yours too- Disconnect to connect!

What I mean by this is that starting from 1st January, 2019, I am going to spend a regulated amount of time, say 30 minutes for Instagram, snapchat and Facebook and then completely disconnect so that I can connect with family, meet friends face to face rather than on Facebook chat and find time to go out and enjoy the serenity of being with nature.

Thanks to social media being so accessible, just a tap away on our smartphones, the temptation to connect and be online is so intense that rather than spend our spare time thinking, meditating or looking out the window, we choose to stare into our phones. I urge each and every one of you to go the extra mile and make the effort to disconnect so that you can connect with real people and live in the moment, simply be and relish every second of your life by being mentally present rather than being virtually present on social media platforms.

It might feel great to be popular and have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but when you feel low, you only ever need one friend to talk to and sip coffee with. The number of likes won’t cheer you up but a warm hug and a hand to hold will definitely make you smile and your world will be alright again. So let’s make a resolution and intend to keep it- this New Year, let’s disconnect to connect with life!

This new year, let’s disconnect to connect with friends, family and life <3

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