Top 5 Reasons Why Indian Weddings are Super Fun-by Kinjal

It’s December, which means it’s not only the month of Christmas but also the month of Big Fat Indian Weddings!  I’m pretty sure almost everyone must have received wedding invitations, if not for a bunch then at least for one wedding. Instead of grumbling about how tiresome weddings can get, I want to point out that weddings, despite the hectic and frenzied chaos, can actually be quite fun. Here’s a list of the Top 5 reasons why you should attend at least one Indian wedding before the year comes to an end.

1.Dress to Impress

A wedding is the perfect occasion to flaunt your wardrobe collection and go all out with your clothes and accessories. Girls can deck up in the finest and best Indian dresses, skirts, crop tops and Ghaghra cholis and the boys can don ethnic kurtas, sherwanis and bandhgala suits. Wearing Indian clothes is a nice change from the usual jeans and t-shirts and girls can try new hair styles and make up for every different function. So the next time you attend a wedding, enjoy the process of dressing up and remember- dress to impress!

2. Making New Memories

A wedding in the family or a friend’s wedding is definitely an occasion to celebrate because it brings together people you may have lost touch with. It provides the perfect occasion to reconnect with long lost friends or cousins and gives you the chance to make new memories with your oldest mates and siblings. Click loads of pictures and selfies, laugh together and have fun, cause these moments will become precious memories that will stay with you forever.  

3. Good Food all around

Another thing that you can always look forward to in Indian weddings is the delicious spread of sumptuous food that is bound to make your mouth water. You can indulge in all your favourite cuisines, try something new and end your meal with some lip-smacking sweets and desserts. Weddings are the perfect place to forget about your diet and gorge without counting your calories, after all celebrations are incomplete without good food.    

4. Dance galore

Another super fun thing about Indian weddings is the unlimited amount of dancing. Almost every function, be it Mehendi, Sangeet or the wedding baraat involves dancing. It doesn’t matter whether you can dance or not, the simple act of watching your loved ones grooving to Bollywood numbers is enough to make you want to join them on the dance floor and dance the night away. So put on your dancing shoes and burn the dance floor with your moves!

5. Celebration of Love

What makes every wedding special is the fact that it brings together not only two people but also their families. It is heartening to see two different families, who probably didn’t even know each other before a few months, get together and become one single happy unit called family. Every ritual, every function is a celebration of the love that binds these two people and their families together. Weddings are filled with happy and smiling faces and all this cheer and happiness is bound to rub off on you too.

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