Matters of the Heart #1 How do you know you are in Love?- by Kinjal

So, it’s been a very long time since you’ve had a crush on your college friend or you find your office colleague really cute and you’ve felt that way since day 1, maybe it’s your neighbour that has your heart in a tizzy every time you run into each other in the elevator or in the building parking lot or it’s the guy/girl running on the treadmill next to yours for the past couple of months that you’re madly attracted to, but you don’t know whether what you feel for the other person is just a passing attraction or is it something more concrete and vital.

Well, if you’re confused about your true feelings, then this checklist will definitely help you to figure out what your heart feels. Scroll down and read the entire checklist and if you happen to identify with everything that’s on the list then congratulations my friend, you are most definitely, truly, utterly and deeply… in LOVE.

1. Every time your phone rings and his/her number flashes on the screen, your heart does a happy dance and a brilliant smile lights up your face. You’re just too damn happy to hear their voice.

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2. If that special person is sad, worried, hurt or ill you feel anxious and upset and feel a strong urge to help them in whatever way you can. Their pain and discomfort feels like your own and making him/her feel better becomes your number one priority.

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3. Whenever you happen to catch another guy or girl talking to your special someone or trying to flirt with him/her, it makes you so mad that you’re unable to decide whether pushing them away by giving a kick on the rear is a good idea or dragging them by the hair is a better option and you ultimately decide that doing both is the best solution.

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4. One of your most favourite parts of the day is when you get to spend time with them. Every single moment in his/her presence is super special for you and you just want time to stop for infinity.

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5. Without even knowing, you start thinking of them as a part of your future which makes you incredibly happy and shy at the same time. Somehow it’s unfathomable to think of your life ahead without them by your side and even the mere thought of having to live without them seems so painful that words simply cannot describe it.

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6. While it’s true that what attracted you to him/her was their physical appearance but what made you fall for them was their personality and the way they make you feel. You know for sure that they are beautiful inside out and that’s why you’re crazy about him/her.

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7. Every time your hand accidentally brushed against his/her hand or if there is even a miniscule amount of physical contact between the two of you, your heart rate spikes up to 1000 beats per second and despite your crazy heart rate you actually like it and start waiting for the next moment when it will happen again.

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8. If you’ve had a long and tiring day and are about to watch TV while reclining on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and ice cream but your special someone calls you and asks for your help, your up and out in a jiffy because they matter to you and you’re willing to sacrifice even your precious me-time for them.

pic 13

9. When you part ways you turn around to look at them go hoping that he/she will also turn around and look at you one last time before they disappear from your view. If they happen to turn around and look back at you, you have the goofiest and brightest smile on your face.

pic 14

10. Every time something good happens to you, you feel the need to share your happiness with them whether it’s something big or small and in case you’ve had a bad day, all you have to do is look at their face and then your world feels alright once again.

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After reading the checklist if you happen to feel all the above emotions, then you’re most definitely in Love. Being in love is beyond doubt the best feeling in the whole wide world and to love and to be loved in return is even better than the best. But to receive love you must give it first so find the courage and confess to them how you truly feel so that you can embark on your very own journey that starts with a happy ever after!

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