My Love for K-dramas #3 KKTwins’ Top Ten K-drama Recommendations (part 2)- by Kinjal

I have been drawn to television dramas ever since I was a kid. I distinctly remember refusing to eat lunch and dinner unless I was allowed to sit in front of the TV and eat while watching my favourite shows. Kaajal and I spent countless lunches and dinners sitting cross legged on the floor watching the myriad shows on Cartoon Network, Disney Chanel and Nickelodeon. Unfortunately this ritual was soon put to an end by the joint ministrations of my mother and grandmother who simply refused to give us food until we sat on the table and ate our food like well-mannered children.

After a few years I started watching daily Indian Television soaps along with my family after dinner. At first, I found the OTT drama amusing and even comical (even though there was nothing remotely funny about it) but I soon grew tired of the melodrama and the predictable storylines. That’s when I began to watch a few American shows and while they were unique and refreshing, I always felt that something was missing. If it was emotional it wasn’t funny, if it was funny it lacked romance, if it was romantic it lacked mystery. But the day I accidentally stumbled upon the world of K-dramas, I found everything that I was looking for.

In the first blog post of this series- ‘My Love for K-dramas #1 How it all began’, I have written about my first tryst with K-dramas and all the reasons that why I believe that K-dramas are super awesome and definitely worth a watch. In the second blog post of this series, ‘My Love for K-Dramas #2 KKTwins Top Ten Recommendation (Part 1)’ Kaajal has listed 5 K-drama recommendations and now I’m going to add the next 5  which according to me are as mind blowing and amazing as the previous five K-dramas.

1. Legend of the Blue Sea

pic 1- legend-of-the-blue-sea-poster

This K-drama has the most beautiful love story and also the most unusual one as it is the story of a man (a super handsome con-artist) who falls in love with a mermaid. This drama managed to capture my attention from the very first scene and its story line has quite a few twists and turns that keeps you guessing till the very end.

pic 3- blue sea


Lee Min-ho plays the role of the dashing con-artist to perfection and Jun Ji-hyun is absolutely stunning as the naïve and brave mermaid who risked everything for love. The USP of this drama is its unique storyline and its stellar star cast. Part of the drama has been shot in Spain and living up to its name it has several scenes against the backdrop of the breath-taking blue seas of Spain. This drama offers the perfect mix of romance, comedy, action, mystery and fantasy which makes this my all- time favourite K-drama.

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2. My Love from Another Star

pic 5-my-love-from-another-star-kdrama

This K-drama too has an interesting storyline as it revolves around the life of an alien who has lived on Earth for hundreds of years. Not only does he never age but he also has special powers, is super intelligent and has an almost perfect physical appearance which makes him irresistible. After 400 years of living on earth he has become cold, cynical and distant and he no longer believes in love. However his life changes after he meets and falls in love with a famous actress who  is also his next door neighbour.

pic 16- my love

It has a generous dose of romance, comedy, fantasy and drama and every scene when the actress and the alien meet is a laugh riot because when two people with completely contrasting personalities cross paths there is bound to be fireworks and much more. Again Jun Ji-hyun as the spunky and sassy actress is outstanding and Kim Soo-hyun is equally amazing as the lonely but lovable alien. If you find the science fiction genre interesting and enjoy a good love story then this one is definitely worth a watch.

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3. W 2 Worlds

pic 6- w2worlds

What would you do if you realised that there are two worlds that simultaneously co-exist- the real world and the parallel world that exists inside a webtoon (a digital comic) and that the person you’ve fallen for is not a human but the main lead of a webtoon? This is exactly what happens to the heroine Oh Yeon-joo whose father is the author of the popular webtoon ‘W’. One day she gets dragged into the world of the webtoon and what follows is a series of intriguing events that will keep you hooked till the end.

pic 7- w

This K-drama has romance, fantasy, thriller, suspense and also supernatural gothic elements and every episode will leave you stunned and eager for more thanks to the super creative plot line. If you have a crazy imagination as well as a penchant for mystery and thriller then you will definitely love this K-drama.

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4. Cinderella and the four Knights

pic 9_cinderella-four-knights

This K-drama is a modern take on the Cinderella story but instead of one prince there are four drop dead gorgeous knights. Just like the Cinderella fairy tale this drama also has a cruel stepmother and a conniving step-sister. Our Cinderella is a smart college student who works hard to make ends meet, sleeps in a tiny storeroom and has no money for her college tuition.

pic 11- cinderella and 4

Her life changes when she helps an old man and she soon finds herself living in the magnificent mansion ‘Sky House’ with three ridiculously good-looking billionaires and their bodyguard and is also caught in a love quadrangle with all the three knights vying for her love. You have to watch this delightful romantic comedy to find out which knight is ultimately her prince charming.

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5. To the beautiful You

pic 12-To-The-Beautiful-You-official-posters-to-the-beautiful-you

This is a story of a Korean girl, Goo Jae-hee, who lives in the United States and is bullied in school due to her South Asian looks. One day when she sees Kang Tae-joon, a high jump player competing on TV, she is inspired to fight back, to face her bullies head on and become an athlete like him.  However Kang Tae-joon has an accident which negatively impacts his career. Determined to help him out, she shifts to Korea and transfers to the same school as Tae-joon. Unfortunately he goes to a boys school but Jae-hee is unfazed by this revelation and she readily cuts her hair short and dresses up as a boy so that she can be with Tae-joon.

pic 17-To-the-Beautiful-You_

It is very amusing and hilarious to see how a girl manages to study and live in a boys school and simultaneously keeping her true identity under wraps. It is a sweet K-drama with the perfect blend of romance and comedy that is guaranteed to brighten up the darkest of moods and the dullest of days.

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Till date Kaajal and I have watched more than 35 K-dramas and I must say it was an extremely difficult task to decide which of them would make it to the ‘KKTwins Top Ten Recommendations’ list. It was only after careful contemplation and much deliberation that this list was finally curated. I hope that this blog series has worked its magic on you and enticed you to enter the world of K-dramas and become a fellow K-Drama addict!


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