The Magic of a Kiss and the Warmth of a Hug- by Kaajal

Do you remember how you learnt to kiss? I have a host of other memories that I remember, but something as lovely as how I learnt to kiss is sadly a blur. I can’t seem to have any distinct memory of how I learnt it. How lovely does it feel to simply pucker your lips, lean in and exert just the right pressure and smack, you have a kiss! We kiss our younger siblings, parents, aunts, pets and friends so freely and fully when we are young but what happens when we grow up?

A kiss is a caress of your lips on someone’s cheek and it’s a way of expressing that you love the person you bestow the kiss upon. It’s a universal language of love, something that everyone, regardless of their nationality understands. When I kiss my parents or my sister, I feel content, happy, a kind of bliss which is hard to express in words. The scientific reason for this is that kissing releases endorphins and dopamine which are feel good hormones.


My economics teacher while teaching the concept of marginal utility (MU) told us that MU normally diminishes as you receive more of a commodity. The exception to this rule was money because no matter how much money you receive, MU for money never diminishes. I would often giggle and tell my sister that MU for kisses too never diminishes. The more you receive, the more you want them!

Also while I talk about the magic of a kiss, how can I not talk about a hug?  Hugs are such a warm way to express love. Simply enveloping a loved one in your arms can make that person feel so cherished! I often ponder that to express love, which is the most beautiful feeling in the world; you don’t need words at all. All you need to do is put your arms around the person and give them a sweet peck and the sincerity of your love is sure to transcend all their sadness, problems or fatigue and help them to feel better.


Isn’t it a pity that though hugs and kisses are free and they feel so good, we still hesitate to express our love? We never do it often for fear of being judged or being called a softie or being labelled as corny. I know so many people who shy away from any physical display of affection and this post is a special dedication to all those souls out there who have somehow lost out on experiencing the magic of a kiss and the warmth of a hug.


The remedy to a bad day, the solution to feeling unloved, the need to feel cherished, the urge to belong, all these maladies can be cured with simply a kiss and a hug shared with a loved one. My mom is not very fond of any overt display of affection and my dad too believes that love is an emotion to be understood and need not be expressed but over the 25 years of my existence, I have refused to let their bizarre notions of not expressing love freely diminish my fondness for hugs and kisses. Infact, I often smother my mom with incessant kisses and hug her every single day, despite her protests and playful whacking. I call my dad my polar bear and though he never initiates a hug, I simply fold myself into his arms and rest my head on his chest and deeply breathe in the faint fragrance of his cologne, a fragrance I have come to associate with my daddy and all the weariness of a long day instantly vanishes. I often tell my grandmother that I love her in the middle of one of her didactic lectures and kiss her unawares and the frown on her face instantly melts into a glorious smile.

simpsons hug

Expressing love is liberating in more ways than you can imagine! Bottling up emotions and not expressing love is a malady that plagues the human population! Loosen up and show some love and the next time you feel like showing some real appreciation for the people you love, ditch the words, simply lean in and let your feelings take over. Trust me, sharing a hug and a kiss with someone you adore is the singular most beautiful and yet underrated gesture in the world. Just close your eyes and feel the magic!


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