Magical Music Videos (Part 2) – by Kinjal

Stories hold a special place in my heart and they have been an integral part of my life since childhood. When Kaajal and I were 5 years old, the moment the clock would strike nine, we would make a mad dash for the bathroom, change into our night dress and quickly dive into bed, with our blankets pulled up to our chins and wait excitedly for Mom to commence our nightly ritual of reading out a story from our favourite book ‘1001 Bed Time Stories.’ Listening to mom’s soft and soothing voice, we would drift off to sleep and dream about castles, dragons, princesses and pirates.

By the time I turned eight, bed time stories ceased to be a part of my life, but my love for stories never diminished. I guess it was this love for stories (especially love stories) that drew me towards music videos because every delightful song held within itself a promise of a charming story. It is precisely this combination of song and story that makes music videos not only delectably irresistible but also magical. For me, binge watching my favourite music videos is the perfect remedy to brighten a dull day.

I am now going to share a list of four super awesome and my all-time favourite music videos that always, always, always make me happy (in spite of several re-watches!)

1. Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra (1999)

pic 1- shaid aankhon mein

Aryans – the pop music band, definitely deserves a big thank you, not only for creating such a refreshingly wonderful and peppy song but also introducing to the world -Shahid Kapoor who looks super cute (despite being  super lanky!) in this music video. Like every other Aryans song, this one too is a romantic number about a young boy (an 18 year old Shahid Kapoor) who is smitten by the pretty looking Hrishita Bhatt, a fellow resident in his building.

I cannot help but smile whenever I listen to the goofy beats that mark the beginning of this song and despite this MV being Shahid Kapoor’s debut; he is quite impressive in it and looks every bit like a teenager who is experiencing the first throws of love.

The wow factor:  Shahid Kapoor is truly endearing as the love-struck teenager and the ‘building romance’ plot is too cute for words. Although the song is essentially a romantic one, it successfully infuses humour in it and the little doggie that Shahid looks after in return for some pocket money is just adorbs. If there is a list of ‘awww’ worthy MVs, then this one is sure to top that list.


(Video credit- YouTube)

2. Tera Mera Pyar (2002)

pic 6-Tera-Mera-Pyar

When it comes to this song, it was love at first sound for me! I heard this song for the very first time on the radio and I must say, I was bewitched by the guitar strums and Kumar Sanu’s voice. I loved it so much that I immediately searched for its music video online and well, when I saw it, my love for the song grew all the more! The MV was as dreamy as the song itself. The dazzling Nimrat Kaur and the handsome and strapping Bhanujeet Sudan make one hell of a good looking couple who share a scorching chemistry and do full justice to this enchanting song.

The wow factor:  Kumar Sanu’s voice, the melody and the storyline, all these elements together make this song magical. This song makes me believe that love can happen to anyone at any time and especially when you least expect it. Every time our hero and heroine lock eyes the screen flashes (you will know what I mean once you watch the MV) which looks soo cool and Bhanujeet’s smouldering gaze and shy smile always makes my heart flutter.


(Video credit- YouTube)

P.S.- This song also has a sequel! So if the lead pair of this MV mesmerize you enough to want to find out what happens next, watch the MV – ‘Yeh Kya Hua’ sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

Click on this link to watch the video –

3. Sochta Hoon (2003)

pic 8- sochta hoon babul

The moment I heard Babul Supriyo sing the first few notes of this song, I became his fan!. This song occupies a special place in my heart because its lyrics are so relatable and beautiful. The story, which perfectly complements the song, is about a young college student who has a crush on a girl who studies in his college. This romantic music video is sure to make you reminisce about your college crush and the whole rush of emotions like your heart soaring with happiness and beating with trepidation every time you crossed paths with your college crush.

The wow factor: This song not only appeals to your heart (courtesy Mr. Supriyo’s lovely voice) but is also equally stunning in terms of its visuals because the story unfolds amidst the picturesque backdrop of an idyllic hill station. The heroine’s house which is atop a hill and the college campus is as pretty as a picture, but the best part about this song is the ending, which will leave you feeling joyous and light-hearted.


(Video credit- YouTube)

4. Leja Leja Re (2006)

pic 4- leja_leja_re_

Sung by Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal (Ustad & the Divas), this song is unique because it is a fusion of  classical and modern music. Just like the song, the MV is a unique story of a disillusioned woman and an optimistic man who belong to completely different worlds. The MV unfurls the story of what happens when their worlds coincide out of the blue.

The wow factor: This MV has the sweetest love story and I love how fate plays cupid and unites this unlikely pair. Although they have never met each other they develop a special bond, that too in the most peculiar manner. Despite being complete strangers they feel a strong connection and it is this concept of a ‘fated love’ that I find most heart-warming.


(Video credit- YouTube)

Watching these music videos has always been a fun way to enliven a boring day and is an instant source of joy for me. I hope that you enjoy watching these MVs as much as I do! 🙂

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