Magical Music Videos (Part 1) – by Kaajal

As a 90’s kid, one of my fondest memories include watching music videos of popular pop singers on MTV, Channel V and B4U music on TV while gorging on buttery, hot, toasted bread served on my favourite yellow coloured plate. As a part of our daily ritual, Kinjal and I would overcome the weariness of a long day at school by settling comfortably against plump pillows on our parents’ bed and gazing at the music videos with unadulterated adoration.

What appealed to me the most about these music videos was not just the beautiful lyrics or melody of the song, but also the concept of a ‘story’ that too a beautiful and most often romantic love story which is weaved seamlessly into the song. For me, a music video served as a microcosm of a romantic feature film with a rich hue of human emotions and relationships, which included elements as varied as comedy, friendship, romance, melodrama and a happy ending!

This series of blog posts titled- Magical Music Videos is a compilation of Kinjal and my absolute favourite music videos which are heart –warming and a treat to watch.


It would be most befitting to begin with Falguni Pathak, a fellow Gujju pop singer, who gained great acclaim for her music videos and remains the undisputed queen of Garba and Dandiya. She is famous for her androgynous look (replete with over -sized jackets, lose pantaloons and boyishly short hair) juxtaposed with a mellifluous voice and a smiling visage that add to her sunny personality.

It is no secret that I am an unabashed romantic and that’s why cute, mushy romances and a sweet love story make me as happy as a kid spending the day at Disneyland and Falguni Pathak’s music videos are a lovely mix of ALL these elements.

The cherry on the cake is that it always features fresh, young and exceedingly good looking models and actors as protagonists. The result is of course nothing short of magical! So without further ado, let me share with you’ll my top 4 picks of music videos featuring young lovers and Falguni Pathak as a sprightly, ever smiling cupid of sorts. A dreamy smile inevitably plays on my lips every time I see these heart melting music videos even after two decades!

1. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi (1998)


This MV explores the beautiful bond that is inherent to female friendships. The four friends shown in the MV always reminds me of my gang of gal pals. The MV has a chic lit feel to it and has a classic ‘love at first sight’ story too! This MV featuring an ethereal Riya Sen will definitely take you down memory lane and it also has an endearing hook step which will surely beckon you to try it out while you sway to the peppy beats of this song.

chudi jo khankee.jpg

The Wow factor– The blue dress paired with silver hoops, kohl rimmed eyes and the shiny blue bindi worn by Riya Sen to the concert looks exquisite! Also the scene where the hero salvages Riya Sen’s pretty dress (that too in a charming and super cool way) is delightful. The guileless adoration with which she gazes at her saviour will definitely remind you of the way you might have gazed at your crush in high school!

See the Music Video of Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi   (YouTube)


2. Maine Payal Hai Chhankayi (1999)

maine payal hai chhankayi.jpg

This song and music video is closest to my heart for reasons galore. Firstly, I have an emotional connection to this particular song because this was the very first song on which Kinjal, my best friend and chuddy buddy Kinjal Mawani (Now Mrs.Kinjal Vaid) and I danced to at our upper KG annual day function. It was my first time performing a choreographed dance in front of such a huge audience and it is with this song that I fell deeply in love with dance and music.

Secondly, the opening bars of this song (reminiscent of sweet tinkling bells) are so mellifluous and magical that it immediately gives me the warm fuzzies and the lyrics can melt your heart into a puddle!

Lastly, the sweet love story portrayed in this song showcasing a possibility of a new romance between the two protagonists set amidst the backdrop of a vibrant and colourful college campus abuzz with excitement due to a Talent Search Competition makes for the perfect setting. It also has an adorable puppet show that depicts iconic scenes from the classic ‘ Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge! (one of my fav films!)With so many awesome elements packed into this music video, this one is a must watch.

vivaan bhatena.png

The Wow factor– The male lead played by a boyishly charming Vivaan Bhatena is the ultimate wow factor. The way he looks at the female protagonist through the silvery net dupatta and smiles at her after wishing her good luck is the cutest scene (see the video to find out how he wishes her!) Gosh…he has the sexiest smile ever! I wish he was given more screen space in this MV. Every single time I see Vivaan Bhatena smiling or furtively glancing at the heroine, I can’t help but sigh!

See the Music Video of Maine Payal Hai Chhankayi (YouTube)


3. Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaaye (2000)

meri chunar udd udd jaye

This is another beautiful music video from the collection of Falguni Pathak’s songs which also has a twist of fantasy in it. A beautiful woman with a cute furry rabbit in tow walks out of a painted portrait to befriend our lonely and sad heroine played by a fresh faced Ayesha Takia who misses her best buddy played none other than Falguni Pathak. Takia is a paying guest living under a draconian landlady and the song goes on to explore this new friendship with the girl in the portrait and also a budding romance between Ayesha Takia and the handsome hunk who is the landlady’s son.

hook step - falguni mv

The Wow factor– The red fur trimmed parka worn by Takia is too cute and so are long tresses and bangs. Who could ever think that a hook step would include wearing footwear on your hands! Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself in the video below.

See the Music Video of Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaaye (YouTube)

 4. Saawan Mein (2001)

This video is all about the age old Girls vs. Boys face-off (so cliché but yet so exciting). Who is the best, boys or girls? This is decided by a succession of fun and interesting games. The playful and flirtatious bantering between the boys and girls is a trope one never tires of seeing and the love- hate relationship between the two leaders, is just too much fun to watch. This MV has whacky dance steps that will surely make you giggle and it also has several comical incidents peppered throughout this friendly but fierce face-off which will definitely keep you interested enough to watch till the end. Are boys the best or will girls rule? Well, watch the video to find out who wins this game of love?

girls and boys

The Wow factor– Definitely the end of this music video (no spoilers I promise!) is the wow factor in this song. The playful tune of this song, the obvious attraction between the lead pair as well the delightful games that the guys and gals play is reason enough to watch this cute MV!

See the Music Video of Saawan Mein (YouTube)


It’s been more than a decade, but even now, Kinjal and I fondly reminisce about these music videos which remain distinct due to the inimitable zippy beats of the 90’s. We thoroughly enjoyed watching these MVs on those lazy afternoons after school.

These songs make me nostalgic and never fail to bring a smile on my face. Even though T- series and a handful of other pop singers do a good job of continuing this legacy of creating original and engaging music videos in the Indian music Industry, these old beauties, according to us, will forever and always remain simply nonpareil!


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