Life’s Little Joys – by Kinjal

Have you ever come across a day in your life where everything seems fine but at the same time it feels like something is missing? Have you ever felt that every day seems very similar to the previous one and yet it’s not exactly the same but something needs to be done to change this ‘sameness’? If you have, then I’m pretty sure you must have wondered what it is that you can do to turn this feeling around. I have experienced this ennui too, but I always manage to shake off the dreariness that accompanies a monotonous day and turn it into a cheery and lively one.

To do this requires no great skill and neither does it require any big actions. All you need to do is look carefully for the little things that are a part of your everyday life. I say this because it’s the little things that have the power to make a big difference and uplift our mood and day! I’m going to let you in on the ‘little’ things that the kktwins do that transforms a mundane and ordinary day into a delightful and extraordinary one.

1. The Magic of Chai

pic 2- tea gif

One must never underestimate the power of this aromatic brew which has the magical quality of uplifting the dullest and darkest of days. As I set about the simple task of making tea, I’m filled with the sweet anticipation of how the tea will turn out. As soon as the tea leaves turn the water into the colour of the setting sun, I lean in to smell the fine aroma that warms my face and heart. This is something I do every single time I make tea and it instantly puts me in a great mood.

Drinking my daily cup of tea is a sure shot way of brightening my mood and as I watch the steam swirling and rising up from my tea cup, I feel as light and buoyant as the white wisps that mingle with the air. By the time I drink my last sip, I feel charged and refreshed to take on the rest of the day with smile and style!

*For that Extra Edge: You can take the magic of chai up an extra notch with the help of the good old Parle G biscuit. All you have to do is dip the biscuit inside your tea (just for 2 seconds, mind you or else it will melt into a sugary glob: P) and then quickly pop it into your mouth and lose yourself in its sweetness!  

2. Become a Bathroom Singer

pic 3- singing in the bathroom gif

The next time you shower, let go off all your inhibitions and sing your favourite song as loudly as you can! It doesn’t matter whether you sound like a nightingale or a crow, just focus on the joy of singing a song with abandon. If you can’t remember the lyrics, then make up your own but don’t stop till you feel a smile coming up on your face. This is, beyond doubt, one of the fastest ways to start your day with a bang!

*For that Extra Edge: The day you wash your hair, before you get into bed at night, take a minute to admire its texture and lovely fragrance. Kaajal and I do this little ritual every time we shampoo our hair and it always makes us beam with happiness. Good fragrances have a way of always lifting up your spirits and the whiff of freshly shampooed hair is something you just have to smell to know why you can’t help but breathe in deeply and smile.

3. Feel the wind

pic 5- hand outside car window

Whenever you travel, instead of worrying about your upcoming exams, household chores, office meetings or fast approaching work deadlines, take some time-out by observing the world that whizzes past your car window. For a change, notice the beauty of the real world that lies on the other side of the window instead of losing yourself into a mobile screen.

When I travel, I always make it a point to notice the golden sunlight reflected by the windows of the high-rise buildings, the gentle rustling of the tree leaves, the white puffy clouds that glide elegantly through the sky and the vast, sparkling Arabian sea that stretches out like a never ending landscape and manages to assert its presence amidst the bustling city life of Mumbai. As I roll down my car window and feel the wind caress my face, I cannot help but appreciate the beauty of this charming coastal city which fills me with a sense of happiness.

*For that Extra Edge: Every time I roll down my car window, I stretch my arms out and feel the wind.  The sensation of the wind ruffling my hair and breezing through the spaces between my fingers is simply amazing and it never fails to delight me. As cliché as it sounds, I urge everyone to try this once (especially if you’re feeling low) coz it’s guaranteed to make you feel thousand times better than what you felt before!

4. Embrace the sky

pic 8- happy girl

My building’s terrace is my ‘happy place’ because it is the one place where I can get an unobstructed view of the limitless sky as it blends  with the boundless sea. I feel like I’m on the top of the world and as I tip my head back and look up at the sky, I feel a rush of emotions that are hard to define- something that comes close to wonderment, joy and a strong sense of serenity. I stretch my arms out as wide as I can and embrace the sky. This little exercise is so effective that within seconds I feel giddy with happiness.

*For that Extra Edge:  The next time you make a trip to your building terrace, carry a yoga mat with you and lie down on it (no, I’m not asking you to sleep there :P). Just observe the sky as it changes its colours for you and as the moon comes out and stars begin to shine, you will realise that it is the single most spectacular sight you have ever seen!

5. Indulge in a chocolaty affair

pic 9- eating chocolate

Whenever I am plagued by the banality of an uneventful and boring day, I find some solace by indulging in a chocolaty affair with my absolute favourites- Five Star, KitKat, Dairy Milk and Bounty! With every chocolaty bite, I feel better and better and by the time I’m done eating the chocolate (which includes licking off every crumb stuck to its wrapper) my mood has undergone a complete makeover. So the next time you feel the blues, bite into some delicious drool-worthy chocolates, and feel the magic!

*For that Extra Edge: Resist the urge to devour the chocolate in one go. (I know how difficult that can be, but it’s totally worth it :P) Eat it slowly and savour each and every bite and instead of chewing every piece, let the chocolate melt in your mouth. I have tried this with Dairy Milk and it tastes just WOWW!

So, the next time you suffer from the pangs of a prosaic existence, remember to seek pleasure from the little things in life and notice what a sparkle it adds to a ho- hum day. Feel free to try the quirks recommended by the kktwins or just come up with your own! The key is to appreciate life’s little joys!


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