Quotable quotes by KK Twins (some wise, some wisecracks!)

Do you know what is the laziest approach to begin an essay, a blog or a speech? Just begin with a quote! In this era of the all-encompassing internet, we have access to any statement uttered or written by any famous person, alive or dead, at any point of time in the world! I too am guilty of quoting eminent people on countless occasions when I write any piece when I can’t think of a way to begin. Though there is nothing wrong in doing so as long as you give due credit to the person whose words you choose to borrow, I personally believe that quoting someone is just plain lazy!

As a writer, using this tried and tested cheat code to enhance my written pieces always felt like I was completing a class assignment with the help of a friend’s already completed assignment. This forced me to contemplate why do we underestimate our calibre to create quotable quotes?

So this time Kinjal and I decided to don our thinking caps and come up with our very own quotable quotesJ.The seed of this thought germinated on a Thursday morning, when we read inspiring and funny quotes in the promotional and advertorial paper that accompanies the Times of India called- Times Life. We thought, why wait for us to be eminent personalities? (best-seller novelists) We can come up with our very own quotes right now, and you my dear readers will be the first ones to read it here on kktwins.com before you see them in fine print in a newspaper in the future! 😉

So here are eight 100% original quotes that we came up with and they are a mix bag of witty words, earnest thoughts and some funny quips. I sincerely hope they can inspire you and leave you smiling 🙂

That would be mission accomplished for us!

1. Marry because you WANT to, not        because you have to!



This is for all the 20 something girls and guys out there who are being persecuted by overtly zealous and concerned aunties and grannies who want you to be ‘settled’ by 23. A wedding, beyond the fancy and frill, is a solemn promise to be someone’s life partner and spend the rest of your life with that one person.

Marriage is also spelt- R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y and you gotta be 200% sure before you commit. Don’t let cutesy hashtags like #BubsToHubs, and #MyBaeBestBae momentarily lure you, (beware the herd mentality!) Your marriage must take place because you want to get married and not because the world says ‘it’s high time, so get married! ’

2. Man maketh clothes so that clothes maketh a man ‘the man’

This is for all those people out there who underestimate the power of being well dressed and believe that to invest in haute couture is a total waste! This is our go to quote when dad, exasperated by our shopping bills, comments on the need to buy new clothes ever so often. He asks us if man makes the clothes or clothes make the man? and Kinjal and I always have a ready rejoinder, “Man makes clothes so that clothes make a man ‘ the man’. Try this one and I’m sure your dad will be speechless! (At least momentarily!) 😉

3. It’s rare, but it’s there!

flip your hair

The world is full of naysayers and when someone tells you not to delude yourself by wanting something that is too perfect and does not exist- like the perfect life partner, the dream home, the dream job or anything that you believe you can have but your friends and parents say that you can’t have it because life is not a fairy-tale. Well, when faced with cynics, the best way to deal with them is to just look them in the eye, flip your hair and simply say- It’s rare, but…. it’s there! Trust me, it gives a new high to say this while actually believing it!

4. Don’t be like the moon that needs the sun to glow, be like the star that can shine all by itself


Pic Credit- Pixabay.com

Many times we make the mistake of making someone the centre of our universe and the reason for our bliss. It’s dangerous to do this. Don’t give anyone the power to make you feel a certain way. You are a powerhouse and are self -sufficient all by yourself. You don’t need anyone to complete you, be a star and simply shine on!

5. If it doesn’t feel good…… just don’t do it!


Why do we compel ourselves to do a job, start a new class or take up a sport if doesn’t make us feel good? The purpose of our life is not to win the ‘rat race’ of life and ‘prove’ anything. It’s all about enjoying the journey and being happy. That’s it! That should be the only goal and the impetus to do anything in life should only be- ‘because it makes me feel good!’ Follow your heart and go where it takes you, you will never be disappointed!

6. A dream is as fragile as a candle flame. It needs to be protected from the gust of discouragement. All it needs is the wick of determination, the wax of passion and a candle holder of belief and then nothing can stop a dream from sparking into reality


candle and dreams

Pic Credit- Pixabay.com

Dreams have a beautiful way of giving new meaning to life and I believe that the bigger the dreams, the better and more fulfilling life can be! Sometimes, when you delude yourself into thinking that your dream is impossible or too big to come true in this life time, you know what you have to do. Just remind yourself to be your own candle and all the darkness of doubts and uncertainties will vanish!

7.The best makeup- your smile

The best accessory- your confidence

The best clothes- your attitude

smiling pretty girls.jpg

Pic Credit- Pixabay.com

This is fashion advice that will never go out of style! This needs no big bucks and can go a long way to enhance your beauty and charm that is sure to set you apart. Be a trendsetter and the next time you step outside, don’t forget to wear your smile, your confidence and your attitude!

8. If you can tell mom about it, you know what you’re doing is right

mother-and daughter.jpg

Pic Credit- Pixabay.com

I can’t take credit for this one because this is a part of a conversation that I overheard (which I feel is worthy of being a quote) between my aunt and her ten year old daughter who had asked- “How will I know if what I’m doing is right or wrong? What my aunt said is so simple and valid not just for kids but for us grown-ups too. If you think you are treading on grey areas and are not sure about how ethical your decision is, ask yourself if you can tell your mom about it without hesitating and viola, you have your answer!

This experience of coming up with our own quotes was definitely  illuminating and thought-provoking one because during the process of creating our own quotes, I realised that we choose to create quotes only about those life situations that have impacted us deeply or have touched us in some significant way.

Coming up with your own quotes needs no degree other than myriad life experiences and our unique perspective on life- and this is something we all have in spades! So why wait? Grab your pen, put on your thinking caps, use the power of social media to get your audience and simply create your own quote! You never know how many people you may inspire with the power of your words! 😀



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