Throwback to Classic Bollywood films #1 Forever in love with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham – by Kinjal

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) will ALWAYS be my all-time fav movie because it has everything that a super duper blockbuster movie should have-  a stellar star cast (a look at the movie poster says it all!), iconic characters delivering iconic dialogues that make you laugh,  tear up and fall in love with them (thankyou Mr. Karan Johar), loads of romance with an extra dollop of melodrama that is bound to make you sniffle,  action packed sequences ( according to me, this action includes- hurriedly getting down the stairs of a private charter and running in style towards a helicopter in spite of stepping into a puddle,  only to land in front of a palatial mansion and then rushing indoors in the nick of time to reunite with a happy teary- eyed mother who waits with baited breath in the foyer with a ‘puja ki thali’. Doing this dramatic sequence while managing to look suave is no easy feat and only King Khan can manage to pull off such a maniacal dash with panache.)  And last but not the least, comedy that makes you grin, giggle and sometimes literally laugh out loud!

I would love to share all the reasons that have convinced me why K3G is, beyond doubt, a classic Bollywood film that made me fall in love with Bollywood all over again.

  1. Rich guy poor girl trope, so ordinary yet so extraordinary

pic 6- srk and kajol

I have seen and read countless love stories where a beautiful but not- so- rich girl falls in love with a handsome and way- too- rich- guy. K3G uses this trope as well, but it still managed to capture my heart. Kajol as the bubbly and vivacious ‘Anjali Sharma’ of Chandni Chowk was a sight to behold and her love story with Shahrukh Khan, our super rich ‘Rahul Raichand’ was delightful throughout the film. The first time when Rahul sees Anjali- the  Punjabi ‘kudiye’ dancing to thumping Dhol beats, he is flat out gone(remember his comical misstep on the staircase while he desperately clutched both the balustrade and his heart.) We knew his heart had already tumbled headlong in love with the spunky Ms. Sharma! Precisely at that moment, I knew that this would be a love story that I would cherish for the rest of my life! (Sigh.)

  1. The Perfect Plot

pic 5- k3g family

K3G is a story of a loving family that was torn apart by the anger and ego of a father and son. It is also the story of a love that is forbidden because of the strong divide between the upper class and the middle class- something that is so relevant even today. K3G managed to arrest my attention from start to end, all thanks to the exciting story plot, the foot tapping songs that expertly take the narrative forward, well thought out characters, mind blowing dialogues and a heart melting happy ending where the entire family is reunited.

  1. Characters and scenarios that make you double over with laughter
pic 7- funny kajol gif

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I love the fact that Karan Johar decided to balance the melodrama with copious amounts of comedy. There are innumerable scenes that crack you up- my personal favourite is the one where Rahul (SRK) and the snobbish and rotund Rohan (Ladoo) visit Chandni Chowk for the first time. In a hilarious case of mistaken identity,  Anjali mistakes Rahul for Ashfaaq Miyan, her best friend’s to- be- husband while Ladoo is bullied by Anjali’s younger sister- Pooja and her friends, who pester Ladoo by compelling him to repeat the ‘Chandu ke Chacha’ tongue twister.

Another classic is the one where Anjali unwittingly helps Yashvardhan Raichand (Amitabh Bachchan) by singing the last line of the song  (‘Aati kya Khandala’  from the film ‘Ghulam’) he couldn’t remember at the party in Raichand house. In the process, Anjali ends up breaking the ‘gamla’ only to break one more the next day while apologizing to the formidable patriarch. Frankly, the list of hilarious moments in this film are never ending and I believe that a watch (or a re-watch) of the film in its entirety is the only way to appreciate the awesomeness of K3G.

  1. So much Beauty, it makes you gasp

When it comes to K3G, there is beauty wherever you look. The movie poster showcasing the drool worthy star cast, with men looking dapper in black and women looking lovely in red is definitely a trend setter for the ideal family portrait.  Manish Malhotra does a fabulous job with outfits for both the men and the women (I mean who can ever forget Kajol’s net sarees and SRK’s see- through shirts in ‘Suraj hua madham’ while Kareena aka poo’s clothes itself are a style statement.) This movie gave us all major fashion goals and the grandeur of the Raichand mansion and Rahul’s home in London never fails to dazzle me. Every.Single.Time.

  1. Romance that makes you wish for one of your own

pic 10- the couples of k3gpic 12- amitabh and jaya

Karan Johar movies are synonymous with romance and K3G is no exception. The movie is full of romance including the subtle and the not so subtle kind. Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan as Yashvardhan and Nandini Raichand is a majestic couple and their romance is subtle yet palpable, (Especially the scene where Sr. Mrs. Raichand steps onto a foot-stool to help Mr. Raichand wear his tie.) Anjali and Rahul’s playful and passionate love story was a treat to watch while Rohan and Poo’s electric chemistry was adorable. While every love story had a different flavour, together they all created magic on screen.

  1. A movie that puts the ‘ILY’ in famILY

pic 1-family hug

This movie perfectly symbolises it’s tagline- “It’s All About Loving Your Parents.”  Karan johar has beautifully explored the loving bond between a mother and an adopted son and the kind of love and reverence that a son will always feel for his father. What struck a chord with me was the love that resonated within each family member despite their ongoing feud. In the famous ‘bench scene’, Rahul while hugging his ‘Ladoo’ asks him to look after their mother in his absence and then proceeds to give us the ultimate dialogue which sums up his love for his parents ‘Zindagi mein agar kuch banna ho, kuch haasil karna ho…’

  1. More power to Women

women in k3g

In spite of the patriarchal Raichand family where the men took centre stage it was ultimately the women who played a pivotal role in getting the family back together. It was Nandini Raichand’s enduring patience and faith, Anjali’s love and respect for her husband’s family and Pooja’s willingness to help Rohan reunite his brother and his father that finally led to a happy ever after. <3

You know that a movie is timeless when the dialogues become a part of your life. Even after 17 years, Pooh’s dialogues have permanently paved their way into my daily repartee. My favourite one is- What are you waiting for….. Christmas? Pooh takes self-love to a whole new level and I totally love it when she says- ‘How Dare You! Tumhe Koi Haq Nahi Banta Ki Tum Itni Khoobsurat Lago!’ I adore her unabashed sassiness and swag! The ‘wow’ factors in this film are numerous but these 7 reasons kinda sum up why Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham will continue to remain the kktwins’ forever favourite film!


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