Making Happiness A Habit #3 Which side of the bed is yours? – by Kaajal


After #1 The Smiley Story and #2 My Happiness Guide, this is the last blog post in #MakingHappinessAHabit series. I hope this three part series helps you all to develop a positive mindset and you learn to choose happiness no matter what.

I want to begin this final post with a question-

Don’t you think it’s a peculiar habit that we all have our ‘side’ of the bed?

Which is ‘your’ side of the bed?

It’s only fair that first I tell you about mine. My favorite is the right side of the bed (Kinjal and I call it the ‘Tropical Island’) which is closer to the window and blissfully away from the air conditioner. My sister’s is the left side of the bed (also known as the North Pole); directly under the freezing flow of the AC, closer to our wardrobe. In fact, our partiality towards the respective ‘sides’ of the bed is a family joke which goes like this- Kinjal was most probably an Eskimo in her past life, erroneously born in this life in Mumbai and I was most likely a native of a balmy tropical island in my past life (I’d like to think Mauritius) luckily born in Mumbai in this life, which also fortunately records temperatures in the double digit during every single month 😛

The point I’m trying to make is that no matter which side of the bed you may be partial to, what is most important is that you get out of bed from the ‘right’ side- that is with the right mind-set.

When you start your day feeling fresh, buoyant, with a smile gracing your face; you got out of your bed from the ‘right side’ and when you wake up blurry eyed, agitated why you had to get up in the first place, suffering from Monday or any other weekday blues, already waiting for Sunday so that you can sleep in, then you just got out of your bed from the ‘wrong’ side.

You might wonder why I have labelled them as the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side. Well, the answer is simple- Because the side of the bed that you get out from has a direct correlation to the kind of day that is headed your way. I’m pretty sure you must have read about the importance of starting your day well in self-help books or in newspaper columns written by a life coach. If you are about to dismiss it as some sort of balderdash then I would ask you to reconsider. Take it from someone who has gotten out from both the ‘sides’ of her bed and who now knows what a difference it makes to her days when she chooses to get out from the ‘right’ side of the bed, every morning.

Let me share with you some tiny but tremendously helpful and doable tips and tricks that I use to take charge of the mornings, so that the day doesn’t take liberties to take charge of me! 😀

1. Step into the day with Gratitude


Pic credit- pixabay

Gratitude for me meant saying ‘thank you’ when someone did any favour for me like opened a door for me, or served me tea or coffee. They were simply words that I uttered to show good manners. But I soon realized that it wasn’t gratitude at all! It was only when I read ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne that I discovered the true essence of gratitude. My perspective changed drastically and the words ‘Thank you’ took on a whole new meaning and feeling!

Every morning when I get out of bed, I say- ‘Thank You’ when I place my right and left foot on the floor. I impregnate these two words with deep gratitude for being alive and healthy and for being able to live another day which brings with it the promise of great opportunities, fun and laughter. This simple action fills my heart with happiness and serves as the perfect start to my day.

2. Make your Mornings more Magical with Music


Pic credit- Pixabay

I believe that music is magic! You can’t see it, but you can most certainly feel it, fly with it, drown in it and even get (safely) high on it! It’s not just me; even the greatest thinkers, philosophers and scientists have advocated the magnificence of music.

• “Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

• “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

• “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” ― Albert Einstein

So every morning, when Kinjal wakes me up by ruthlessly drawing the curtains apart she mellows down the blow of harsh sunlight with music. She connects my phone to the music system and goes on to select any song from our ‘favourite songs’ playlist and trust me; I almost always wake up with a smile on my face, instantly forgiving her for drawing the curtains apart!

In fact, I look forward to mornings because the night before, as I drift off to sleep, I keep wondering which song she’ll choose to wake me up with. The song is always a surprise, she never tells me! But the fun is truly in the surprise.
If music had a fragrance, it would most definitely be like coffee- refreshing and potent, because waking up to the melodious tunes of a song energizes me, and I am fully awake even before I take my first sip of coffee. The music continues while I polish my pearly whites with Colgate and the songs put me in a great mood before I even start my day.

3. Breakfast with the Fam- Jam

breakfast with family

‘Families that eat together stay together’. This adage is absolutely true and I breakfast with my family every single day. The most depressing thing in the world according to me is eating food alone without any company. Enjoying breakfast with my fam always uplifts my mood. It’s a special moment of the day for me because I get to spend quality time with my family before each one of us launches into our daily routines. A morning breakfast packed with yummy food and delightful conversations with my fam is guaranteed to make my mornings even more gratifying.

4. Live, Laugh, Love BEFORE you get out of the door

live, love, laugh

Pic credit- Pixabay

What I mean by this outrageously famous quote (borrowed from Bessie Anderson Stanley’s 1904 poem) is that- to ensure a successful and happy start to the day, simply appreciate the wonder of being alive, LIVE every moment of your day to the fullest, LAUGH with your family, LOVE every person who is a part of your life and always remember to appreciate the fact that you were lucky enough to get out of your bed, which gave you the opportunity to decide how the rest of your day will be. Then, when you have had a fabulous start to the morning, your colleagues and friends are bound to comment on the beatific smile that lights up your face!

smile and happy

Pic credit- Pixabay

Unfailingly, these little habits that are a part of my morning make my days happier and technicoloured. A succession of such happy mornings leads to happier days, happier months and finally happier years! All because I deliberately choose to wake up from the ‘right’ side of the bed!

So, which side of the bed will be yours starting tomorrow?

Let it be the ‘right side’, always! 😀



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