When I hit the ‘Pause’ button -by Kinjal

It’s always a delight to watch programs on television, but there is just one little problem……. Advertisements!  At some point we all grumble and complain about the number of ads that appear in the middle of our favourite program. Earlier we had no choice but to wait (either with bated breath or with a scowl) for the ads to get over so that we could once again enjoy our shows. But now it’s easy to altogether skip seeing an ad thanks to Tata Sky and the tiny ‘Skip Ad’ option that appears at the corner of the screen while watching shows online.

I, for a fact, am always eager to skip ads and quickly resume watching the main show but this one time, when I hit the fast forward button, I was compelled to press ‘pause’. I distinctly remember feeling an undeniable urge to watch the entire ad because of a few clips that intrigued me. After the ad was over, for several minutes I sat with a smile on my face.

It’s been years since I last saw it on TV but I still haven’t forgotten it because it has deeply influenced and impressed me.




The ad commences with an opening scene of a traffic snarl caused due to a massive tree that has fallen right in the middle of the road and is blocking the path ahead. While special arrangements have been made for the VIP who conveniently escapes the traffic in another car that is waiting for him on the other side of the fallen tree, nothing is done for the public who remain stuck in the traffic. Many people are shown criticizing the country and the ensuing traffic jam and to make matters worse it starts raining heavily which gives rise to more whining and complaining.

Suddenly a small boy clad in a school uniform gets down from the bus and tries to push the humongous tree aside. In stunned silence, people watch the tiny and solitary figure struggling to move the gigantic tree to the side of the road. The boy was the only brave soul who had decided to take matters in his own hands and face the challenge head on. Moved by his gesture, other street kids and commuters soon join him and together they manage to remove the tree from the middle of the road and clear the path.

This was an ad by The Times of India called- “Tum Chalo Toh Hindustan Chaley!”

It conveys a thought provoking message- A small effort made by one person is sure to inspire an entire nation and bring about a positive change in society. What I admire the most about this advertisement is its stunning visual appeal, gripping storyline and a meaningful social message that manages to awaken the hero which is present within each one of us. The ad’s appeal increases manifold due to its inspiring and soul stirring music that was composed and performed by the famous Indian musical legends- Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.

While I have given a blow by blow account of what happens in the ad, I urge each one of you to watch it because words simply fall short and cannot do justice to the stunning visuals of the ad that depicts every single emotion magnificently.

It is very easy to point fingers at one another, but blaming others for unfavorable circumstances is not the right attitude in life. Every problem can be solved if ‘we’ decide to solve the problem rather than waiting for someone else to do the same.

This ad successfully managed to touch my heart because it conveys an important message in the most eloquent, expressive and poignant manner- If you want change, then be the change!

Here’s the video- Enjoy! (downloaded from YouTube)


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