Doggy Love – by Kinjal

I know that it’s important to be fit and healthy but I have to confess something- I’m too lazy to hit the gym, perform asanas on the yoga mat or gear up for a session of crunches and planks at home(something I have always vowed to do but haven’t got around to doing it yet.) But the one thing I love doing is to walk by the sea, where fresh air and sunlight is available in plenty and it was during one of my walks that I met someone special.

The moment I saw him my heart skipped a beat. I stopped walking and stood rooted to my spot, transfixed. All I could do was stand and stare, completely oblivious to the world around me. ‘Wow’ was the only word that came to my mind and tumbled out of my lips before I could stop myself.

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He looked just like a wolf but minus the ferocity and wildness. He was light grey in colour but his face was white, like freshly fallen snow, framed with touches of grey on the sides. His thick coat of fur looked so soft and silky that my hands itched to touch them and his warm brown eyes took my breath away! I had never seen such an exotic dog in my entire life.

If dogs could be called handsome then this one was sure to walk away with that tittle. Unable to stop myself, I walked up to the dog walker and inquired about his breed. After a conversation with him I learnt that ‘Brody’ was a Siberian husky and when I bent down to pet him, he sniffed my hand and watched me with his mesmeric eyes. In that moment I knew that my heart was no longer mine! (sigh!)

Many city dwellers have pets that are international breeds. It is understandable why more and more people want a Siberian husky as a pet because they are undeniably adorable and their allure is irresistible. However, people fail to realize that keeping huskies in a country like India can be torturous for them.

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The Siberian husky is a native of north eastern Siberia. Its coat is thicker than most other breeds because it has two layers of dense fur which is meant to protect it from the harsh Arctic winters of Siberia. When they live in cities like Mumbai with temperatures as high as 30 degrees, it can get very difficult for them to live comfortably.

Unable to bear the heat, they can face several health issues. While some people give ice cubes to keep the huskies hydrated and cool and also keep them in air conditioned rooms, it cannot fully compensate for the discomfort and irritation felt by these helpless dogs. An original Siberian husky will find it extremely difficult to survive in India, but the ones bred here can survive the heat.

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But the important question is- Will you sacrifice your husky’s happiness for your own? I will not deny that after meeting Brody, I too started dreaming of bringing home a Siberian husky, but I will never be able to forgive myself if I see pain and unease in his eyes knowing that I am responsible for it.

This doesn’t mean that I will give up on my dream. I intend to turn my dream into reality, by going to Siberia, buying a nice house and living a blissfully happy life with my grey and white Siberian husky whom I shall call Baby Floyd. Whenever I tell this to my family, they always laugh and tell me that I’m crazy but what’s love without a dash of craziness!

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