Girl in Red (Part 2) – by Kaajal

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An hour and a half later the three friends sat huddled in Vivaan’s room.

“I can’t believe you would invade a girl’s privacy and get hold of her email address like this Vivaan. On top of that you want to email her and profess your love to her? I think this is a very, I repeat very very bad idea. You don’t even know her! What if you scare her off? Or worse, what if she thinks you are a creep?”

“Enough Aniket, coward, such a typical reaction. That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend, you think too much man, relax!” Shaurya drawled.

“Girls love the type of guys who are daredevils, who go all out and propose to them. They think it’s exciting. They like to imagine that a charming and dashing admirer has sent them a love message. I’m telling you, they find it irresistible! Go for it Vivaan!”

“The problem is I don’t know what to write.” Vivaan sighed and hunched his shoulders in dejection.

“Riya loves poetry and I think all girls like romantic poems dedicated to them. Why don’t you write one Vivaan? Let the romantic bard in you shine today!”

Vivaan looked at Aniket for his suggestion but he only shook his head and muttered that Shaurya was crazy. Shaurya was the only guy in their trio who had managed to get a girlfriend. He seemed to have more experience in such matters. Maybe poetry was not such a bad idea Vivaan thought.

All of them attempted to write poetry. After an hour, with the floor littered with a dozen sheets of crumpled paper, Shaurya cleared his throat and recited what he had written – “Your eyes are like the stars that twinkle, your lips are like soft rose petals and your scent is like jasmine…. intoxicating!

Aniket’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline and he burst into peals of uncontrolled laughter. Shaurya punched him in the stomach to shut him up. Vivaan turned back to the computer screen and sighed. He had only managed to type two lines which he remembered from his kindergarten days. Shaurya added two lines of his own to it followed by a message-

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You don’t know,

But I really like you.

I want to get to know you because you mesmerize me and I can’t get you out of my head. I haven’t ever felt like this before. My mind turns to mush and my heart beats so fast when you’re around. I’m sorry if you think I’m too forward, but I can’t seem to help myself. All I need is one chance. Can we be friends?

PS- Please say yes….you won’t regret it.

Waiting for your reply,


Vivaan stared at the message typed in the compose section of his Hotmail account.

“Am I doing the right thing?” he wondered aloud.

“Yes, Simran will definitely reply. I have a good feeling,” Shaurya said.

“I don’t think so,” Aniket said. “If I was a girl, I wouldn’t be impressed by such lunacy!”

“Don’t listen to him.  Don’t you know that greater the risk, greater is the reward? Send it now,” Shaurya urged.

Vivaan was unable to make up his mind. Aniket’s words echoed in his head and weakened his resolve. He was not the reckless sort, but again love required courage. Logic told him that there was an equal chance of getting accepted or rejected. He would never find out if he didn’t send the mail to Simran. Worse, he would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn’t even try. Maybe she would say yes? Or she would ignore him, call him a creep and refuse to see him, but what if….

Losing out on patience Shaurya was about to hit the send button when Aniket grabbed his hand and tugged at the mouse. A scuffle ensued with the mouse being dragged mercilessly from one end of the table to the other. In the midst of all the commotion, the mail got sent.

Stunned silence prevailed when this realization dawned.

“Oh shit!” Aniket murmured. Vivaan sunk into the chair and clutched his head with both hands. Shaurya had a smug satisfied smile on his face.

“Let’s be optimistic and hope that Simran loves your juvenile attempt at poetry and is intrigued enough to reply.”

“Thanks a lot Aniket, your words are inspiring!” Vivaan muttered and rolled his eyes. He glared at Shaurya and asked both of them to leave him alone. At times like this, Vivaan hated Shaurya’s cocky arrogance. It was too late now and there was nothing else to do but wait.

A day went by, followed by another but there was no reply. Vivaan’s feelings oscillated like a pendulum between anxiety and frustration. He checked his Hotmail account every day, four times in a day. He scanned the college campus for Simran but even after a week had passed there was no mail and neither did he see her in college. On Sunday when he logged into his Hotmail account, there was a message for him. It was from Simran.

He shut his eyes and breathed deeply. Finally he would know what was in store for him- happiness or heart ache. He opened his eyes and then with bated breath, his heart soaring and plummeting intermittently with anticipation he clicked it open.

He was greeted with just one three letter word that meant the world to him- YES.

red girl and her man

Maybe this was the beginning of true love, maybe this was the calm before the showdown where Simran would give Vivaan a piece of her mind, may be it would blossom into everlasting love or just stagnate at platonic friendship. Some things are best left to the universe but as an unabashed romantic, I would like to believe that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that ends in- ‘happily ever after’. That’s the beauty and power of being a writer, I can play cupid and till the pen is in my hand, I’ll write a love story any day, every day.

Keep smiling, keep falling in love and believe in the power of love because LOVE is magic that goes beyond logic.



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  1. hey you both….recently your daadi visited my place and shared about your Blogs…i think i m very good at words & so it caught my attention & i made a point to find your write ups….having known you as kids, it feels really very good to read your stories…havent read all, but for sure you now have one more reader for your good work…lovely expressions, neatly balanced…knowing your background, i might be bit biased in my views…but will try to give more neutral opinions once i sink in further..congrats & best of luck.

  2. Omg! So she mailed a YES to some guy she barely knew. This sounds utterly exciting but risky at the same time.
    I had once agreed to go on a blind blind date on my friends’ insistence but I chickened out at the last moment….

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