Girl in Red (Part 1) – by Kaajal

“K. Rustom ice cream or the three o’clock show at Eros? Guys, decide fast!” Aniket waited for a reply while Shaurya leaned against his bike, yawning and stretching in an indolent manner.  Vivaan rolled his eyes at Shaurya and shrugged.

“Anything is okay as long as we don’t have to listen to Professor Rao drone about computer software,” Vivaan replied.

“Let’s go to K. Rustom, it’s so hot today. Riya is also going there with her friends,” Shaurya said.

“Ya right, you always want to spend time with Riya and when you are with her you completely ignore us. If you want to hang out with your girlfriend and her pals then we are not going to K. Rustom.” Aniket complained.

Aniket and Shaurya began to argue and Vivaan was about to intervene, when a movement at the College gate caught his attention. He saw a fair, petite girl in red, chatting with her friend. He had never seen her in college before. Maybe she was a fresher, he concluded. She was wearing a red dress that flowed down to her knees. Vivaan had seen plenty good looking girls in college but there was something about her that riveted his gaze. He couldn’t help but notice things that he usually never did in any girl. He observed the animated way in which she gestured with her hands when she spoke, the way she flipped her long brown hair to one side of her slender shoulders so that they cascaded like gentle waves. She smiled and maybe a pretty dimple flashed at her cheek. He had to get closer to get a better look at her face.

red girl

Leaving Aniket and Shaurya bickering, he inched closer to where they stood. Pretending to tie his shoe laces, Vivaan overheard snippets of their conversation.

“Simran, let’s go to Satyam cyber café. We can research for our project,” her friend suggested.

So her name is Simran, kind of suits her Vivaan mused.

“That’s a good idea Ruchi; the deadline is next week. I also have to mail my CV to my cousin who is interning with Rocky S. She promised to help me get a summer internship at the fashion house.”

They began to walk towards the cyber café and Vivaan decided he had to know more about Simran. In a bid to strike a conversation and befriend her, Vivaan shouted out an excuse to his friends about having some work at the cyber café, asking them to carry on without him. Before they could react, Vivaan sprinted across the road and entered the café.

He sat diagonally opposite to where Simran sat so that with a slight tilt of his head to the left, he could catch a glimpse of her face between the rows of computers. Wow! She was even more stunning this close, Vivaan thought.

Long eyelashes framed her chocolate brown eyes which were lined with dark kohl. She had a long aristocratic nose and lush lips painted cherry red which formed a moue as she concentrated on what she typed. Colorful metallic bracelets jangled as she typed in a hurry. It’s like she just walked out of my dreams, Vivaan thought. He had no idea for how long he sat there gazing at Simran. His day dreaming came to a halt when her friend called out to her.

“Just a minute Ruchi, I’m just logging out of my Hotmail account.”

Simran grabbed her bag, made the payment and dashed out of the café. Sighing, Vivaan wished he had mustered up some courage to talk to her. He got up to leave when he noticed a red rubber band on the table. He picked up the red rubber band that Simran had forgotten in her haste and ran his thumb over its soft velvet material.

Suddenly, he remembered a conversation that had taken place last week in his IT class. A few computer geeks were discussing with Professor Rao that there was no way to sign out of Hotmail when using a Windows 8 P.C. because it automatically kept the user logged in on that computer for a few minutes. During that window of time anyone could read private emails. Vivaan decided to test this theory and sprinted across the café to sit on Simran’s PC before someone else could.

As soon as he typed in, he logged into Simran’s account. Vivaan said a quick thank you to Mr. Rao for discussing this in class and congratulated himself on remembering a seemingly inconsequential piece of information which would now help him to get in touch with Simran. He scribbled her email ID on a piece of paper and hurried out to his car.

Will Vivaan profess his love by email or will he chicken out? Will he approach Simran in person? Will he win her heart or will he face rejection?   Wait till next Friday to find out!


To be continued…

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