For the love of Books – by Kinjal

Do you want to live in a world full of possibilities, where captivating events are everyday occurrences and the people you meet have personalities that are hard to forget? Then all you need to do is find a comfortable couch and settle into it with just one thing- a book.

Stephen King once said- “Books are a uniquely portable magic” and he couldn’t be further away from the truth. My tryst with books began a long time ago and with every passing year, I have come to love books more and more. So, as a book lover, I’m going to list down some compelling reasons why you must have a new book every other week at your bedside table.

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Entertainment for the mind

Just as movies are entertainment for your eyes, books are entertainment for your mind. In fact many times you might have heard people say that the movie was good but the book was even better. This proves that words are even more powerful than visuals. Once again I’m going to quote Mr. King coz he’s absolutely right- “Books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.”

You learn a lot

Books are a sea of knowledge and one of the best ways to learn new things is through reading. Fiction novels also impart valuable life lessons in the form of a story, the best example being- the alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

Ignites your imagination

Physically you might be sitting in your living room but a good book can transport you into a whole new world- amongst the towering pyramids of Egypt, the hot and humid Brazilian rain forest or time travel back to the Victorian era. Every book is an adventure that can be experienced by simply reading it.

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Best recipe to tackle boredom

Every book has an interesting story to tell only if you are patient enough to read it. Books have the power to pull you into a parallel universe and you get the chance to be a part of someone else’s life. So the next time you decide to grab the remote and watch TV, pick up a book instead, it will actually surprise you!

Source of inspiration

If you are feeling low and need some pep talk but don’t know whom to approach, then you can always count on self-help books like The secret by Rhonda Byrne. They not only offer solid advice but also inspire and motivate you to tackle your problems creatively. Apart from self-help books, stories and autobiographies of real life people like Malala Yousafzai’s I am Malala or Nick Vujicic’s Unstoppable offer all the motivation and strength that you need to face any challenges.

Right form of distraction

If you are angry or upset, then the best way to calm down is to indulge yourself with a good book. Books with hilarious plots are the best form of distraction. A comic book will instantly shift your focus from the problem and put you in a better frame of mind.


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Makes you happy and content

Nothing compares to the feeling of contentment as you read the last sentence of a really good book. It’s a bittersweet moment- you’re happy to have read an amazing story but also sad that the incredible journey which started on page 1 has finally ended. And if the book made you laugh, cry and fall in love with its every character, then you might just feel like giving it a big hug!


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