Winter Wonderland – by Kaajal

Yawning and stretching, I opened my heavy lidded eyes and barely registered a vaulted wooden ceiling when I was forced to shut my eyes again.  The blinding sunlight made it difficult to open my eyes but slowly my vision adjusted to the daylight that flooded the cavernous room from the skylights in the ceiling. I was sprawled atop a king sized bed, replete with stuffed pillows in gorgeous pastel shades and a fluffy white blanket as soft as cotton candy. I got out of bed only to find my feet sinking into inch deep feather soft carpet in shades of vibrant blue. Transfixed by all this decadent beauty, I simply gawked at my surroundings, but what was even more arresting was the floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom.

wintery landscape

I walked towards them and the view made my heart stutter. As far as my eyes could see, there was only snow, snow that looked impossibly pristine. Even now, snowdrops fell gently, adding to the already lush carpet, as if dancing to some pleasing melody that I couldn’t hear. Curious beyond words, I rushed out of the room and down the ornate wooden staircase, eager to explore the house in the middle of a winter wonderland. A quick tour and I realized that it was quaint and elegant, with a hall that opened into a dining room, a kitchen to its right and a short corridor to its left that took me to the main door.  I walked out into the biting cold which seemed refreshing after the stuffy warmth of the indoors.


While walking down the gravelled path I wondered why such a lovely home was left unattended.  Who did the house belong to?  Wait a second…… how did I reach here?  What I remembered last was admiring the toys in the Gilbert & Poppy toy shop at Covent Garden while shopping for Christmas. How did the toy shop metamorphose into that beautiful room where I woke up? There wasn’t a single soul in sight to help me out of this quandary.

Just then I heard Beethoven’s famous melody-Für Elise. That was my favorite tune! The music was so haunting and achingly beautiful that I just stood there listening to it. All this while, the winds picked up speed and snowflakes swirled, weaving in and out of each other, mirroring the crescendos and decrescendos of the tune.  This magical duet of music and snow was breath-taking yet hypnotic. A blustery wind whipped my hair onto my face and I snapped out of the trance. Who could be playing this melody? The house didn’t have a piano, neither was there any one in sight for yards.  Bewildered, I looked back at the house and wondered why it looked so familiar.


The realization hit me like a blizzard. My breath hitched and my heart began to pound like a thundering freight train. Oh God! Why didn’t I listen to them? Tears blurred my vision and I ran in desperation. I shrieked, but my pleas were drowned by the deafening melody of Beethoven. The locals were right; the toy shop shop was steeped in sorcery. I was inside the snow globe that I wanted to purchase. Trapped nightmarishly ever after.

snowy house in glass globe

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