All you need to know about our blog- KK Twins- by Kaajal and Kinjal

What is life? As kids we often pondered over this question. Back then we didn’t have any concrete answer, but now we’ve finally figured it out- Life is…. whatever we make of it. This answer might sound abstract or even bizarre, but that’s the simple truth. As human beings we all have experiences, some good, some not so good, but even then we always have a choice, a choice to remember and acknowledge only the good experiences and ignore the bad ones.

That’s the beauty of life, you get more of what you focus on and once you know that, it only makes sense to focus on all things good! We both believe in this philosophy and have lived our life by this simple principle. We only focus on the good, talk about and discuss the good and as we continue to focus only on the good, life itself becomes an endless source of joy and happiness.

Life is a lot like taking pictures, not every situation is perfect but if you want to take a really good picture then you need to zoom in on the good stuff and crop out all things that you don’t like so that the result is a perfect picture that is filled with only the beautiful things. Our blog is just like that, it is going to be filled only with all things good. We will write about all the amazing things that life has to offer and to make things simpler we have created neat little categories for our posts.

We have a category for food titled Foodie Alert because food is the fuel for a good life. We will be writing about our personal travel experiences under KK Travel Diaries because we love to travel to appease the insatiable wanderlust in us and writing about travel is like reliving those wonderful moments. We are unabashed about the love we have for our bay and that’s why we have a category called Mumbai Mania, where we will be putting up posts that celebrate the unique beauty of the dreamy Mumbai city.

We heart every form of art and that’s why we have a dedicated section called Entertainment todiscuss every form of art be it books, films, TV serials, theatre, music concerts and the likes. Since we are positive peeps we love to spread good cheer and write posts that encourage people to make happiness a habit (which is our life mantra too 🙂 through our posts in the Positivity section.

Love is the fastest route to happiness and that’s why we have a section called Love All for posts on Love and Relationships. Since we are on the subject of love, we would like to add that we absolutely love fiction stories. Since we both are storytellers at heart   we have also added a section for fiction stories called Tale Tellers, because we live to tell a good tale 😉

 We love to ponder about the mundane and sometimes bizarre things in life. We have a host of abstract thoughts flitting through our mind and we express all those random thoughts in our section called Musings where we write about some entertaining and whacky ideas. Also since we are girls who love fashion and style, we have a section that will be dedicated to the lush life titled Lifestyle, where we’ll discuss fashion, beauty and the luxe life.

We are excited and elated to be sharing our thoughts through our blog- KK Twins, a positive space on the internet.  Through this blog, we get to do the one thing that we love and that is to write and in return we only hope to entertain you and make you smile. This blog is for everyone and anyone who loves to read something fun and interesting. Be sure to read our blog to have a fantastic Friday coz we’ll be posting something new and interesting on every Friday. Till then keep smiling 🙂

23 thoughts on “All you need to know about our blog- KK Twins- by Kaajal and Kinjal

  1. Very nice and enterprising thought to start a blog which has so many topics to entertain all positively. 👍🏻😊

  2. Hi kk
    All the very best for this lovely concept
    Wishing you doubly[twin] sucess.👍
    Stay happy n innovative😋

  3. This is actually a good morning as i started my day with this inspirational stuff. I love what you do duo ❤️Iam sure all the categories are going to entertain people at its best and my favs are positivity and lifestyle. Definately going to remain updated with the blogs and wishing you all the very best for this attempt of spreading smiles over the network. Beautiful job beautiful you😇

  4. Hi Kktwins. Went through your blog. Amazing work. Well defined categories. My personal favorites are Love and relationships and positivity. Great going and waiting for the next updates. All the best.

  5. K & K ……..really the GOOD stuff is what i read and felt. keep it up with these thoughts and in the minutes the individual removes to read the good stuff, will make him forget the “minutes of meeting”, minutes at a traffic signal, minutes waiting in a line. proud of you both

  6. This is something i would love to read… so much positivity and such an thoughtful 💭 thought!

    Kuddos! Keep up the good work 😊

  7. I just started at WordPress and your blog is the first one that I followed, I’m so enamoured of it, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them.

    • Hi Alishah K!
      I am sooo happy that you enjoy reading our blog! When I read that you are ‘enamoured’ by it, I take it as the highest compliment and appreciation for our efforts. Thank you so much ! Blogging is absolutely fun and I wish you all the very best for your new blog!

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